The Essential Message

2 months ago, Ty and I went to check out a creative workshop on Spadina where we heard Michel Neray speak. He is the founder of the Essential Message and helped us distill what we are really about. What we are so great at that makes us who we are. He has spoken all over the world and really was inspirational. Michel told us that the best things about ourselves we do not even realize. That is because our best qualities come second nature to us and we cannot step back and even recognize it until you slow down, analyze and take note of what makes you as special as you are. Here is the exercise that we did – maybe you can try it at home!

1. Take a piece of blank paper and write on the top what you are.
(Marketer, artist, writer, Dj, teacher, designer etc)
2. Write underneath all the things you hate about people who share your title.
(lazy, unambitious, fake, pretentious, nepotism, predictable etc)
3. Circle the top three that irk you the most.
(lazy, fake, predictable)
4. Turn the paper over and write the opposite of the 3 things you circled
(hard working, real, unpredictable)
5. Take a long hard look at it and say to yourself:
I am an exceptional __________ because I am hard working, real & unpredictable!
The things that bother you the most are because you are all about the opposite way. Think about that.

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