Not Trying

I would be lying if I said you don’t have to try. Effortless beauty is for those who are blessed, such lucky stars and few and far between – Believe that! However, it is always easy to spot the one who is trying to hard. You know the one that wears ‘inspired’ by Burberry from head to toe or the chick rocking 3 or 4 patterns simultaneously. Trying to hard can also be your attitude. You don’t want to the girl with overspent efforts. Trying to be cute and laughing at dumb jokes kinda girl. You don’t want to be that. With guys inundated with Beyonce’s and Jessica Biel’s – it might be hard to see yourself as someone’s dream girl. If you had all the resources they do (that includes money, trainers, glam squads, chefs, advisors, ambition, drive, support) what do you think you will be like? You would blow them out of the water. So be your own person. Pray for strength and wisdom. Strong enough to know who you are and stand by it. Wise enough to know your purpose in life. If the guy doesn’t like that, at the end of the day, you still like yourself. Proper hygiene, etiquette and sensibility goes a long way. Beautiful, you are.

Let them love you for who are you, wholly at this moment in time.

Trying too hard is never hot.

so take it easy, you are way sexier that way.

popping bottle nose – love it

popping bottles – hate it

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