Get cube’d

Skimming through this month’s issue of ‘nylon’ magazine came to an abrupt stop when I was stopped by an ad for the new Nissan cube, Nissan’s newest mini MPV. First it grabbed me because it said “cube mobile device” with an image of the back of an ODDLY shaped car. Of course being my curious self, I read a lil deeper and had no choice but to visit their site…
Sooo… it turns out that the Nissan cube is a square shaped car that is extremely ‘well rounded’… specs include loungy, spacious design; wrap around window frame; sofa seating; rippled interior design; 50 cubic feet of storage and side opening back door; Genuine Nissan interior with abilities to choose details right down to interior accent lighting; the list continues… it is the ultimate in personalized vehicles!
These words aren’t enough to justify this car, don’t let the look of it intimidate you, as I look around this shape seems to be the future of vehicles… peep this one!!!