Let’s hear it for NEW YORK!!!

Every one’s going to talk about this album just because it’s Jay Z lol, but I’m writing about this because I lost my s*** when I heard Blueprint III! Just LOST IT!

“Ten #1 albums in a row, who better than me/Only the Beatles/Nobody ahead of me”

Now I know everyone will say they did too, but my situation is totally different from yours. lol. I liked Jay Z …I mean I thought he was dope but I wasn’t falling all over myself to hear his music. calm down I know better now lol
So when I heard he was dropping Blueprint III I wasn’t all that excited.. Then, someone called me, and DEMANDED that I listen to it, so I decided to give it a try, and gave it 3 songs to impress me… I went in expecting Jay Z, you know, the clever way he puts words together but still maintains his gangster.,, the famous Jay Z chuckle… Okay To be completely honest I thought I was gonna hear the same ish, lol, and that people were just excited coz “Jay-Z” is dropping another album.
Especially after he’s BEEN saying he was going to retire! (but we’re not mad at him), anyway, I LOST IT. I listened to it and I lost it. I was replaying songs over from Track 1! lol, you can imagine how long it took me to get through it… and once I got through it, I hit REPEAT ALL.
I like rap…well I like some rap, they gotta be saying some clever, smart, and unpredictable ish for me to like the song/album. Sometimes that stuff’s entirely too aggressive for me *smiles and blushes* I’m a lady 🙂 lol
But Jay Z?? He’s on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. Blueprint III is THOROUGH from beginning to end. I don’t even know how to review this album. I can’t seem to find the words, so I won’t even try but it’s “F**kin’ Awesome/ Applaud him!”
J.Cole???? “the flows cold/ as a shoulder of a gold digging hoe’s/ when a broke n-gga approaches/told ya I’m focused man/I’ll let y’all muthf-ckers soak it in” lol loves it! Watch out for this guy!
Jay-Z kept it 100 on this album, no holds barred!
Get yourself a copy, download it whatever just get it!

Who said Hip Hop was dead???