Jewellery Treats?!!!

OMGEEE, what would we do if people didn’t explore their talents!! The world would be such a BORING place!
Thank goodness for people like Teresa aka Anatego; the genius behind this “little enchanted place, filled with yummy cakes, cookies, cream, ribbons and all sorts of sweet adorable creatures.” * I just love how she described it; I had to stick to the original!

Teresa uses her artisan skills and techniques to create some of the most unique, innovative and tasty accessories you have ever seen! Her jewellery is inspired by Japanese culture; “Elegant Gothic Lolita Fashion, French Patisserie and anything that’s extremely feminine.” 
Just look at the detailing!

I heart!
Anatego’s Shop started as a small blog-shop in 2007, but after a rising number of orders, Teresa decided to step her cookies up, and created a new website where she now offers a wide selection of her delicious work! I love anything that’s unique but still maintains its delicateness and femininity.
All the jewellery is handmade using polymer, clay, beads, plastic, charms, findings, acrylic paint, paper mache and much much more!
I look forward to seeing more of her work. Visit her shop here!