FIVE lil mama you a threeeeeeeeeeee-star!

Acccording to this video, if you are all of the following, then you are definitely a 5star chick:
Look Good
Keep her hair/nails on point
Great in bed
Have great credit
Serious Fashion Game
Intelligent (you know they had to put that in lol)
Lives on your own, & have your own stuff.

I like the track, but I can’t help but be amused by the men that are saying they want these 5star chicks. All they do is wave around their “money”, jewelery, talk about their designer clothes, fancy cars… oh and grillz. Would you rate them as 5star men? lol. 

Trina looks amazing, and Nicki Minaj is…Herself… Don’t get me wrong I thinks she’s a CRAZEEEE artist and I love her, but I was a HUGE fan of Barbie so if she’s gonna do this Barbie thing, then she better do it right, and keep it consistent. That is all. Otherwise both their verses were good 🙂
So what do you guys think about the video/track? Like? Love? Hate?
What’s a 5star chick to you??

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