Gossip Girl

I have a severe love\hate relationship to this show. I love Jenny Humphrey more and more… and I hateeeeeee Dan more and more… He is the antithesis of what I want in a guy..! Watching this show is so entertaining but gossip is destructive. It’s one of those things that is okay, unless it happens to you. But dramas aside, I am happy to know that I have my B and S!  Bella and Shay that is!  Love them to pieces. Gossip Girl style
I want to talk about real GOSSIP.  So I was talking to this guy and this girl and apparently this girl heard from someone that this guys likes her and it was the same guy I was talking to and that she thinks there is a chance for them too. AH!  The frustrations that brew and jealousy and insecurities that it evoked. Gossip is not good for anyone. No matter how confident you are and how secure your situation is…. gossip is like the that trace of peanut that will cause you to break into hives and could kill you. So rest gossip aside and live your life. What people think of you is none of your business.  Gossip destroys lives and trust and bonds! We are not on TV… and this drama is not for everyday life. Do you watch the show? Do you love it?
What one event made you realize that there is no value in gossip?

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