Melanie Fiona

Ok… If I’m late to this bare with me my loves (I have been sick lately), but I just found out some stellar news and want to make sure that we are ALL in the know! Melanie Fiona… BET Rising Icons… October 12 at 1am!!! Toronto’s very own R&B beauty! This city, country, has some incredible talent and I am soooo proud that we are finally letting the rest of the world know! I’ve had the opportunity to meet Ms. Melanie on a few different occasions and she always has the same down to earth, gracious personality… she’s gorgeous and her music literally ‘sings’ to you! She won me over with ‘Give it to me right’ and sealed the deal with her new single ‘It Kills Me’! Go pick up her debut album, The Bridge and find out what I’m talking about… like you don’t already know! Support your city Toronto. HeyDoYou LOVES Melanie Fiona!!! This is not the first and its definately not the last you’ve heard from US about HER… xoxo!!!

It Kills Me, Melanie Fiona

Give it to Me Right, Melanie Fiona

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