Smarter Sex

I don’t know if these are real… But whatever, I thought this was pretty interesting:)
As it is Hump Day I feel it’s only right that I share this with you.
Ladies &; Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Boys & Boys… We’ve all heard the phrase, “Wrap it up, before you Smack it up” so I give you the iCondom. 

Safe sex just got a whole lot more interesting, enjoyable and smarter… According to Context Condoms, it’s the first ever “clever” condom. “A new era in the history of safe sex”.
First we have…
The iMemory: They say they used state of the art technology, to develop a latex that remembers your penis at it’s maximum size

They come in pack of 6 for $399. How much is your pleasure worth to you??

Get a guided tour of these “super” condoms here!
The iLight??? lol. This condom GLOWS in the dark, and I mean GLOWS! Like there’s a flashlight in the room! (watch the video) So maybe it’s cool that it glows in the dark and all, but I have to ask why anyone would want their penis to glow in the dark? I mean sure maybe if you’re going camping, but if you still don’t know where to put what when it’s dark you got a PROBLEM... and ladies when it’s Go Time, will a glow in the dark penis turn you on more, than one that’s not glow in the dark…?
This one the men will love!
The iFood: Made for oral sex, fellatio, brains, head, whatever you wanna call it. What sets this condom apart from the other brands is quite phenomenal; During orgasm, the sperm reacts with the latex, producing one of the following: Fresh California Strawberry, Diet Cola, “and especially for that morning sex, Porridge” *don’t know bout that one*

The iTree: For anal sex. Uhm HOW did they come up with the name for this condom???? I guess it’s because it has a special ingredient from the Amazon that increases pleasure for both you and your partner as well as lubrication.
Disclaimer: if anyone ever tries these or has tried these please share your experience, no need for graphics lol, simply let us know if it’s yay or nay.
I know there’s a lot of men/boys out there that are shifting in their seats at the thought of having to wear a rubber.. even some women/girls.But understand that YOU HAVE TO. Life is so precious.
Happy Hump Day *wink wink*