Tomboy… From the Runway to the Sidewalk!

You don’t need a high fashion magazine to notice or admire one of this year’s most popular trends; the masculine inspired “Tomboy” look. aka “the boyfriend” look or Tomboy chic 🙂 

Just to clarify; I am NOT referring to wearing your old gray sweats, and “kicks” or “chucks” whatever you wanna call them. I’ve seen this look everywhere! And can’t believe that women are still dressing like this in this day and age… there’s tonnes of ways to dress down without DRESSING DOWN! (even on PMS days!!)
Anyway, the times of gender-specific clothes are loooong gone! Yay!

These days Women/Ladies/Girls are rocking short edgy cuts, along with the oversized “boyfriend” shirts, maybe a pair of figure flattering leggings/skinny jeans, and of course a classic pair of ballerina flats, or converse.
For the women who swear by the stiletto (not-so-tall women in particular), I totally understand where you’re coming from. I too am quite short, so the stilettos are always my first pick! That, and flat shoes make me feel EXTRA short soo… No. But don’t you just LOVE the Tomboy look?! I simply replace the chucks with heels! And I’m good to go. In the warmer months, I might occasionally throw on a pair of gladiators 🙂

r.i.p Farrah…

I am by NO MEANS suggesting you ditch your LBD. NEVER.

They used to say it’s a man’s world, but we’ve since proven them wrong, so I say it’s time for you to play round with some masculine inspired pieces!
With just a few items, you can achieve a variety of masculine inspired looks, but still maintain your sexy 🙂

Blazer + Tank top/Tee+ High waisted Skinnies+ Cute pair of booties!
Tank top+ Boyfriend Jeans+ Cute ballerina slippers

Boyfriend Shirt+ Leggings + Gladiators
Boyfriend Shirt + Cute Denim shorts+ Cute pair of slouched suede boots


Form fitting pant suit with a killer pair of heels!
Here are some fun ways to accessorise that tomboy swag: Fedoras! Cute studded earrings, a Cluster of bangles, whatever you like!All the above + cute clutch/the “big” bag… if you’re not in the purses stage your backpack will do!

I heart Polyvore!

This form of “Masculine” dressing is definitely not something new; Back in the day, icons like Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich glamorously rocked tailored suits, ties, bow-ties you name it! We’ve seen this look come in and out of fashion, but it has definitely made it’s mark in the fashion world this year.


Menswear-worn-as-womenswear often brings up questions about sexuality, gender and equality, and of course social shifts. Tomboys are often associated with lesbianism; and even though there have been quite a few tomboys who’ve later revealed their lesbian identity in their adult years; there is no direct connection between a girl who prefers football and her sexual orientation.
When YSL launched Le Smoking Tuxedo suits for women back in 1996; TONNES of men were upset, as they felt the tuxedos “empowered” women. Can we say ridiculous??? The funny thing is that they weren’t even ashamed to say silly sh*t like this.
Then came the shoulder pads… When fashion desiger Elsa Schiaparelli in her collection in 1931, but they soon lost their appeal. In the 80s, shoulder pads began appearing in ladies evening wear: peplums, batwing sleeves etc. This time they were used to help define a woman’s silhouette, as well as give the visual illusion of strength; helping her gain recognition in the masculine driven Corporate world.. a fashionable way of “smashing the glass ceiling.” 
Soon people started noticing more celebrities donning shoulder padded dresses, blouses etc… y’all remember Dynasty? However they quickly lost their appeal in the 90s, as it was shunned by the young and fashion conscious lol… but it seems that their back on the fashion scene…


So are we for or against Tomboy Chic?


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