My Little Pony get’s Ga-ga’d!

I loved My Little Pony as a kid, sooooo I can’t help but love it lol! Although, I love the whole innocence of My Little Pony, so I don’t know… ha ha ha
So who’s the brain behind this “Ga-ga”d My Little Pony?

lovin the fishnets! lmao so cute!

She draws, she sculpts, she paints, she creates, she modifies and she destroys. She is Mari Kasurinen; a 24 year old artist from Finland.

She enjoys making “sculptures” in the style of My Little Pony toys, and like every smart woman would/SHOULD, she cakes off of them… (sells them online) 🙂

You’ll find ALL kinds of of My Little Ponies on her online gallery; including Darth Vader, Superman, a cute Kill Bill one, and even an Edward Scissorhands My Little Pony… yeah… Hey, Do You 🙂

My Little Princess Leia
My Little Pony Belle… aawww

As far as price goes she says, “Each pony is unique in its own way, so it is really hard to just say one number for all of them.”
There you have it!

Check out the rest of her “little ponies” here!
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