Pour les hommes!

More men are discovering the benefits of fitness and grooming, and how these two together can positively enhance their self image. Every man I know is on a mission to achieve his personal best, so I think it’s only normal that more men are interested in men’s cosmetics.
Male models, actors, musicians etc shouldn’t be the only ones to look “perfect”. When you put on your expensive watch, or expensive jeans you feel on so why would you’re enhancing your appearance. So why not take that extra step by enhancing your complexion, thus truly taking your swag to a hundred thousand trillion!?

“The metrosexual man of the early 2000s is defined as being sensitive and possessing a very strong awareness of self-grooming and fashion…”
So how do you get started?
First you need to find the RIGHT product for YOU. I would recommend using cosmetic lines that are targeted at men, as they are developed for men’s skin.
Men prefer to look masculine and strong, and majority don’t wanna spend more than 30 min to 1hr max when getting ready. The following companies offer products that are easy to use and they enhance your natural appearance, while remaining undetectable; leaving you feeling confident!
Studio5ive was created by Ben Coler, a cosmetic and skin care specialist, in 2000. They offer a full range of products from skin care to cosmetics that are developed and manufactured just for men. Offering a large variety of men’s cosmetic products. They also offer fantastic step-by-step instructions on how to use their products on their website
4VOO, pronounced “for-vous,” is a Canadian based male skin care and cosmetic company. Offering a basic line of products like foundation, concealer, powder and bronzer. What’s great about this company is they offer sets ranging for basic to enhanced and extra; making the process easy for men interested in enhancing their complexion.

$18-$42 at sephora

ps: the Lip maximizing serum comes in a discreet metal click-pen casing, so you can take it everywhere you go! My favourite part? It’s enhanced with French vanilla… mmm
So who’s actually wearing make-up?
Well NPD Group did some research and their results revealed that men in the U.S spent $1 billion in grooming products back in 2002, that’s 7 years ago… imagine what the numbers are like now! Men make up 49.5 percent of Canada’s total population; s research study showed that from 2000 to 2005, men’s cosmetic product sales have grown by 21.3% percent in Canada. There you have it.
Where to get them?
You can find most of these products at your nearest sephora and other department stores. As well as online but I wouldn’t recommend shopping online; especially if you’re new to this kind of thing. It may seem like the most discreet way to purchase, but what’s there to be ashamed of? By doing this you miss out on the opportunity to find the right product for you. If you’ve never worn make-up or “complexion enhancers”, how are going to know what shade/product is right for you?  
There’s nothing sexier than a man that takes pride in his appearance, so if you’re curious I say go for it, if you’re already up on this more power to you!
Do you think cosmetic use is crossing the line between manhood and femininity? Or does it represent the new man?