“It is important to blog for posterity”HeyDoYou

During previous/recent conversations with friends/co-workers/random people, I’ve noticed they all (in my opinion) have one similar complaint; and thats that EVERYONE has a blog nowadays…even bloggers are saying this! tsk tsk. This may be true, but then again so what? That’s almost like saying there are too many musicians, djs, painters, musicians, and even CEOs in the world.

There seems to be some kinda negativity regarding blogs, so I figure if people  have a better understanding of what blogs are as well as their purpose; you’ll learn to appreciate them for the awesomeness that they are!

I can’t understand how anyone would just group blogs into one category. Blogs are different not only in the way the content is written, but also how it is delivered. You may like rap, but you’re not a fan of every rapper out there are you? 
Personal blogs aka”microblogging”: traditional and most common blog. According to research, personal bloggers take pride in their posts, whether their blog is read or not. Even though few personal blogs rise to fame, they rapidly build an extensive following. Paired with twitter, it allows bloggers to connect with their followers, and it’s quicker!…People from all over the world are connected through one site… how can anyone be negative towards that?
Corporate and organizational blogs: In most cases they are private, but they are also used for business purposes. Used internally they enhance communication and culture in a corporation; externally for marketing, branding or public relations. Club/Group blogs are used to inform members and anyone else that’s interested of club/group and/or member activities.
Blogs by Genre: Networking blogsPolitical blogs, Travelogs, Houseblogs, Fashion blogs, Project blogs, Gadget blogs, art blogs, music blogs the list goes on and on…
Splog: aka Spam Blog…the one we ALL HATE! 
Media-type Blogs
Vlogs!: I just love the name lol! These are media type blogs, comprised mainly of video posts.
Linklog: you guessed it, comprised of links. 
Sketchblog, Photoblog, blogs with shorter posts and mixed media are called tumbleblogs! bet you didn’t know that! ha ha ha.  
 fyi:A rare type of blog hosted on the Gopher Protocol is known as a Phlog.
Deviceblogging: defined by the device used to composed the post. 
moblog: blogging done from a mobile phone or PDA. so cute!
Sousveillance or semi-automated blogging: live blogging: online shared diary that combines text, video, pictures that are transmitted to the site using a wearable wireless webcam. sounds like fun? it could get you into some legal issues, so cover ur a**! ha ha ha

We all have our favorite blogs, and there are some that we’ve visited once and never again for whatever reason. In the same way we all have our favorite artist, producer or dj. But let’s face it; there’s only so much google’n, and online shopping one can do… I’m pretty sure during all of this google’n and online shopping, one of the tabs open is a blog site, or even your own blog.

Can anyone blog? Anyone that’s dedicated to putting in the work that goes into blogging and maintaining a blog. And if you are passionate about something or simply want to share something then go for it!
I think it’s crazy to express negativity towards something that helps people connect all over the world! So many people get a lot of information about a variety of topics through blogs; one may not enjoy watching/reading the news, but I can guarantee that a handful of “all these bloggers” are blogging about worldwide events!
Less Hate. More Love.


Again this is just an observation, I’m not tryna sell you on blogs or blogging! ha ha ha