Make Your Exit…

“…Ambient indie rock, saxophone included… An amazing show… Also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met…” -Much Music Review
They have voices like angels… and then the instruments… Oh man… I’m in my happy place right now because of these five extremely talented twenty-something year olds!
Group Members: Jeff Buckley – lead vocals, guitar: Mike Dellios – bass: Steve Dagg – drums: Skidboot – guitar
“Make Your Exit is unlike anything you’ve heard before, yet it won’t be hard to wrap your head around… they showcased a sound that was not unlike the many collective type bands that our country has grown synonymous with… an example of art-mospheric jazz tinged brass rock culminating in a soaring climax…”It’s Not The Band I Hate, It’s Their Fans Review

I could use all kinds of fancy words, and “music lingo” to describe the awesomeness that is Make Your Exit, but I don’t see the point as their music needs no fancy words! However, I will say that their music is pretty f’n dope… the best part about it is, it’s so honest; which is hard to come by nowadays, in a time when artists are painting pretty or not so pretty pictures of life (their lives). But just because it’s not honest doesn’t mean it’s boring. Quite the opposite actually. Their sound is noisey, aggressive, but modest and sweet all at the same time!  
…if you’re looking for specific genres: Ambient/Indie/Experimental
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Can’t wait to see them at the Jingle Bell Rock coming soon!!
heart heart heart the KIDS track!!