HeyDoYou x Body + Object Opening Night

“The body is perhaps today’s most ubiquitous cultural object, especially in its use to announce identity through the ever-changing landscape of apparel.”

Karina and I

As you can see I seem to have fallen completely in love this season. Maybe it has something to do with it being so cold outside, so I have no interest in partying lol. Instead, I wanna go somewhere and observe exhibitions, see people bring some ish to life. Not the same ol bottle poppin nonsese, sooooo 2008!

Any I was prvilidged to attend the opening reception of the Body and Object opening night, and was blown away by everything I saw… I know, I know, but I love art, and I LOVE LOVE seeing how people express themselves artistically 🙂

gimme gimme gimme! these are Marina Dempster’s creations!
The exhibition featured the work of 18 artists who explored the relationship between the body and the many forms in which it can ornament, present, and represent itself. You KNOW I was ALL OVER this!
The Ontario Crafts Council was a participant in this years TIDF (Toronto International Design Festival), and we were more than delighted to view their work! What an amazing idea!

supporting their city!
you’ll never look at gum the same again… dresses can come outta empty gum packets!
“Craft finds its place in this process of disclosure with work designed to adorn, protect, and even introspectively examine the body. Body + Object offers work addressing the real as well as thematic presence of the body, where traditional craft media appear in new forms and use style as a means to investigation.”
chit chattin’
“The H1N1 Bag”
Karina’s too funny! “The Gut Bag”

The exhibition includes the work of Amanda McCavour & Silke Stadtmuller / Andrea Graham / Annie Thompson / Bebhinn Jennings / Dandi Maestre / David Dunkley / Gillian Batcher / Jessica Beauchemin / Karina Bergmans / Lois Schklar / Marina Dempster / Norah Deacon, Adrian Parks & Yvonne Ng / Tanya Lyons / and Tara Bursey.
more pics here!

HeyDoYou x Body + Object Opening Night