I Wanna Rock!!

You simply cannot stop Mr. Snoop D-O- double Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This song is GREAT first of all, but I just LOVE this video. Yeah, there aren’t tons of special effects, but the concept is soooo dope! “Wonderland is in desperate need for us to become one”.
We hear so much talk about people becoming more united, and sadly a lot of people just shut down as soon as they hear these kind of talks. But of course Snoop was one step ahead of us; he came out with a video with such a DIVERSE cast; these guys are just having a good time jamming to some Hip Hop and of course showing all their inspired moves!
Hip Hop is always associated with “black” people, and often people don’t like when people of other races experiment with HipHop, so I love Snoop for doing this! This isn’t a review or anything, I just really like this song and I LOVE the video.
Let’s make MORE LOVE and less war in 2010!