ETERNITY Summer 2010

2 brand new summer limited editions from Calvin Klein that will blow your mind away. They hit stores this month, so go and have a sniff and tell me how much you love them! Close your eyes and imagine this.

The delicate first rays at sunrise

Untouched sand, light reflecting off the waves

A sense of peace as the day begins…

The Fragrance

Cool • Fresh • Serene

ETERNITY summer 2010. The beauty of a beach at first light captured in a watery floral fragrance.

ETERNITY summer opens with tangy notes of grapefruit, ginger and passion flower. The heart bursts into a beautiful bouquet of water florals with pink peony, freesia and muguet. A seductive summery drydown of musks, white amber and driftwood adds sensuality and warmth.

Top: Grapefruit, Ginger, Passion Flower
Mid: Pink Peony, Freesia, Muguet
Dry: Creamy Musks, White Amber, Driftwood

The ETERNITY signature flacon and outer packaging has been newly interpreted for summer with an image of ocean waves lightly enveloping the sand. The soft pink and lavender color palette mimics the light at sunrise. 

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