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An online boutique that sells men’s and women’s designer clothing, Luello carries a variety of collections for those with outrageous attitudes and lifestlye. Their inventory includes over 25 brands, with each of the catering to the young and energetic — the kind of people who don’t have the time or patience to be subdued by society’s expectations.

One of the women’s labels that Luello carries is Sinful. Designed for the aggressive but elegant woman, Sinful clothing conveys strength and beauty through pieces that are simple but edgy. In fact, the lable has been described as a rock n’ roll lifestyle with a sophisticated twist.

For men, Luello also carries Affliction clothing. This line embodies our generation’s fast and loud lifestyle. Affliction truly is a lifestyle brand, and they stand out from the crowd by focusing on pieces that feature an artistic edge and pemium fits and fabrics. One could say that Affliction is rooted in a sexy rock and roll aesthetic.

So Luello is worth a look if you’re looking for a way to express your energy and edge, but without going “over the top” with over-priced haute couture. Their over 25 labels have something for everyone, whether your style is a simple, relaxed and laid back one, or if you just need a few really casual but expressive pieces for those nights out at the pool hall or watching the game.

Something I learnt from living in the West Coast is the meaning of thoughtful casual. This is how to look ‘not done up’ but not sloppy either. I think a great graphic T is a hot conversational piece and just perfect for patio parties and roof top soirees. The best way to look ‘casual, sexy, cool’ is to mix and match. So a jersey T with sequins shorts, or denim short with boots and statement jewelry. Update your wardrobe and see get shopping.These two are my favorite!
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