Look what I got 2: Sunlight Green Clean

“You don’t have to choose between clean and green”
This is MOST DEFINITELY a spring/summer/rest of your life MUST HAVE!
Introducing, the new environmentally friendly, Sunlight Green Clean laundry detergent.
Sunlight is now helping Canadians choose “greener” products without having to compromise on cleaning performance. In other words your laundry comes out smelling and feeling “so fresh and so clean clean”.

mmmm my towels were so SOFT and smelled sooo CLEAN and oh so FRESH!

What’s it’s super power? It has a super concentrated formula that includes plant based cleaning ingredients, and contains no chlorine or dyes. WINNER! I used to think that you needed to use hot water in order to EFFECTIVELY do laundry, that way you get the right kinda clean; we all know what doing laundry with hot water brings about…. High hydro bills. Lucky for us, Sunlight Green Clean works GREAT in cold water!
Ps: it’s also bio-degradable!
pps: MAKE KIDS’ ECO-DREAMS A REALITY – To help fund kids’ green initiatives in your community, young Canadians can share their ideas online to receive a Sunlight Green Clean Green Grant valued between $250 and $1,500 to put their idea into action.
Visit www.SunlightGreenCleanKids.ca
Thanks to everybody at Harbinger for all the great stuff!
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