Jewel Says…

“Show me a man who knows his own heart and to him i shall belong.”

Still one of my favorite folk singers of all time. So much truth in all music and lyrics. I listen to KOST all the time and I just love her songs.  I recently met someone and he was gorgeous with a great family background and amazing job. But there was one thing. The thing was that he didn’t know himself. He told me he jumped from one relationship to another and was truly just looking for his next girlfriend. Boyfriend in a box, perfect right? Wrong.  I cannot and will not be with someone who does not fully and truly have a level of self awareness beyond of equal to mine. I simply cannot rob someone that time of self discovery. Makes sense? Or should I just be with him anyway?  I just want to make sure he knows what he wants (me) for real before I put everything into it.  It is so important that you are sure about you before you are so sure about me.

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