ABCs of B♥

– Available: for who?
– Age: Happy 24 🙂
– Annoyance: Foolishness
– Animal: in the bedroom I am, otherwise I keep it kosher 😉
– Birthday: July 23rd, now you know, so next year I better get some pressies! (i’m playing, but Hey, Do You)
– Body part on opposite sex: is that even a question? Obviously I love the fact that they have ****! he he I kid.
– Best weather: Depends on what day it is 🙂 Some days I like it hot, others I like it cold…
– Been on stage?: YUP
– Believe in magic: Definitely, I see it everyday
– Believe in God: C’mon now, of course, this is me we’re talking about.
– Believe in Santa: *kiss teeth* “sloooooowwwww eyeroll* whatever
– Candy: Love that ish!
– Color: hmmm I love em all, wear em all. But I’m a sucka for pink!
– Chinese/Mexican: Chinese
– Cake or pie: That special kinda cake, that leaves you feeling REAL SPECIAL ha ha ha
– Cheese: Um… depends what I’m cooking 🙂
– Day or Night: Either or, it’s not like anyone really has a choice. 
– Dance in the rain?: Oooooooooh yeah
– Eggs: hmmm not really a fan, but I’ll murder a Hit the Spot bagel from @SpotToronto
– Eyes: Brown
– Ever failed a class?: um… wait who’s gonna be reading this? no comment.
– First crush: um… Pamela Anderson lol, my first boy crush might be reading, and I’m not gonna make his big head BIGGER.
– First thoughts waking up: where’s my grinder? maybe I should work out first.
– Food: The Ingredients are my art. Cut it, cook it, package it, then $$
– Greatest fear: Not reaching my dreams, or achieving my goals… *eeeek*
– Goals: Be better inside and out.
– Gum: Hate that gum poppin shit.
– Get along with your parents: Only ONE. My mama
– Good luck charm: Myself
– Hair color: I don’t know. My natural hair color is a dark brown with auburn highlights, in the summer it gets a lil redder.
– Height: 5ft3 with shoes on homie!
– Happy: Of course
– Holiday: I wanna sit on the beach, with my feet in the water, ass in the sand, and a big fat bl**t in my hand 🙂
– How do you want to die: um what a weird question. NEXT. 
– Ice cream: mmmm strawberry cheesecake from Baskin & Robbins is the shizzzzzz!
– Instrument: what? Purple bullet.
– Jewellery: I find it to be a distraction. Cute earrings, my beads, and I’m straight.
– Kids: LOL hilarious. That’s a NO. If I do, they better ONLY be BOYS. 
– Kickboxing or karate: I’ll kickbox the shit outta somebody! LOL
– Keep a journal: Used to, then my mama found it and beat my ass. So now memories will have to do. 
– Love: fucking love it!
– Laughed so hard you cried: Like everyday
– Milk flavor: eewww, I like my milk to taste like milk thank you very much.
– Movie: anything with sexy yummy Idris Elba YUM, but I did love Australia, and I’m always down to watch FRIDAY!
– Mooned anyone: um…. pass.
– Marriage: *shaking my head vigorously*
– Motion sickness: after sex sometimes. true story.
– Number of siblings: My dad has A LOT of kids. I have no idea.
– Number of piercings: hmmm including my ears?
– Number: What? Really?
– Overused Phrases: *schuppppppssssssssssssssss* & oh-em-geeeeeee
– One wish: To be happy + healthy
– Place you’d like to live: somewhere where they don’t speak any fucking english.
– Perfect Pizza: cheese, peppers, garlic, pineapple and… I’ll get back to you on that one.
– Pepsi/Coke: WATER.
– Questionnaires: whatever man.
– Reason to cry: hmmm I don’t like crying. In fact, I HATE crying. NEXT.
– Reality T.V.: Oh yeah, I can’t help it, REAL WORLD has had me hooked for years, even though it was way raunchier back then… jus saying.
– Radio station: Never listen to the radio. I think Toronto’s station is Flow 93.5… right?
– Roll your tongue in a circle: hmmm one of the many things I can with it. LOL
– Ring Size: Who made up this questions??? I have no idea man. Take me ring shopping, let’s find out.
– Song: Crazy Bitch- Buckcherry YEAHHHHHH
– Shoe size: 7
– Salad dressing: Love me some RANCH
– Sushi: I don’t eat animals.
– Skipped school: Um…
– Slept outside: Yeah
– Shower daily?: OF COURSE
– Sing well?: I think so 🙂
– In the shower?: I prefer when someone can make me sing in the shower…
– Strawberries/Blueberries: BOTH
– Time for bed: always aiming for 10pm
– Thunderstorms: half-on-a-baby making weather
– TV: True Blood
– Touch your tongue to your nose: do you really care if I can touch my nose with my tongue?
– Unpredictable: I’m just me… such a f***** lady!
– Vegetable you hate: brussel sprouts…
– Vacation spot: I gotta have my ass in the sand, feet in the water… yeah you know the drill.
– Weakness: sexy people, with an even sexier brain… ooooooo weeeeeee
– Wanted to be a model: For what? I’d have to trade in the thickness for that ish. NO THANKS
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None of them. I’d have to wife her if that was the case. LOL
– Who makes you laugh the most: awww D.D
– Worst weather: anything that moves my home from place to another or destroys it.
– X-rays: are you asking if I’ve had x-rays done? If so, yes.
– Year it is now: 2010 baby
– Yellow: lambo
– Zoo animal: LION
– Zodiac sign: LEO

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