I found this by accident but I am kinda in love with it already. It launched July 7th and I am totally into it. Imagine Heros meets bboys lol. This is a breath of fresh air because most dance movies usually have some cheesy story line or love story involved. This one seems to steer clear of that and makes it very mysterious and sexy right off the bat.

Watched the teaser on Hulu and I cannot wait to join the adventures of the LXD…. It’s a brand new TV show about the extrodinary dancers! It’s about how parents try to keep this boy from his destiny. OMG!

Twitter is @theLXD

From visionary writer/director Jon M. Chu comes THE LXD: THE LEGION OF EXTRAORDINARY DANCERS. Join seemingly ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary powers in a groundbreaking mythology about hope, greed, love and the force that moves us all.

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