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“We have a mission to make wellness accessible to everyone… Yoga reduces stress, improves sleep and alleviates the aches and pains… It also boosts energy levels and increases strength and flexibility while giving you a glow”– Prana co-founder Yumee Chung

Calling all my students, (or those that are tired of paying out the wahzoo to stay in shape or maintain their well being), I got something for ya! After paying for tuition, books, partying, RENT, most of us don’t have the money to spend gazillions of dollars on a gym membership. For those of us that love or are interested in yoga, getting all the classes you want and need will burn a big ass hole in your wallet. If you’re sick of your regular gym routine, or maybe you just want something different; Passport to Prana is the solution we’ve all been looking for. 

It’s a discounted yoga program that offers passport holders a chance to try their city’s best yoga studios for a FRACTION of the usual cost. These multi-yoga studios passports, operate in eight major Canadian cities, and are hands down the best yoga value out there!

So how does it work? For example, buy the Toronto Passport ($30), and enjoy one free class at EACH of the 68 participating yoga studios in the GTA. Wowie!


These passports are also available in certain American cities, including; San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Dallas, Denver and Chicago. GET YOURS!

For more info on these amazing passports, click here!

Peace and Love


ps: Have a blessed September!


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