TIFF 2010: Stella Artois serves it up RIGHT!

So after a I’m-so-bored-I’m-gonna-pull-my-hair-out Accounting class; I slipped on my heels and dashed over to the Exclusive Stella Artois Film Screening at The Drake Hotel, to celebrate TIFF’s Opening Night!

@AndrewGayle got me to pose with those amazing fries!

The beer was flowing, the food was amazing (omg the fries!), and the people were great! I gotta say it again… the fries were the BOMB!

although I couldn’t indulge… the chicken looked GOOOOD!

I ran into some familiar faces, and got to meet some new people (which is ALWAYS FUN).

I also ran into Miss Crazy Awesome Casie Stewart (who I met for the first time) and we managed to pose for a picture only after showering each other with kisses and praise! ha ha ha. Fun times. Make sure you visit her blog! And @seanward you’re also awesome!

I also got to chat with Canada’s DWW (Down With Webster), and I gotta tell you guys, they are super COOL dudes.

Picture time!
the boys!
hey hey hey!
I had fun!
the beer… there was LOTS of it!
party ppl! Shout outs to Noor 🙂
Fun times!

peace and love darlings!
More pics here!

Stella Artois x TIFF

ps: you know I got a video coming…

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