Music for ya: Sweet Thing

Soooo WHO is Sweet Thing? They are a five piece band from Toronto, that came together 3 years ago, and have been gracing us with their own “unique and infectious” brand of pop music ever since. Toronto stand up! Ha ha ha, you know I had to. They recently released a music video for their song “Change of Seasons” and I’m totally LOVING it! I woke up feeling kind blaaah this morning, but by the end of the video, all I wanted to do was dance!!
Owen Carrier (lead singer), Alex Last (guitar & backing vocals), Nick Rose (guitar & vocals), Morgan Waters (bass & backing vocals) and Tyler Kyte (drums). These guys are the awesomeness that make up Sweet Thing. 
This video is soooo FUN! Had me wishing I could hit a rewind button or fast forward depending how you look at it, and summer would be here once again! I was totally digging the miniature instruments and huge blow up microphone! I love when artists enjoy and have fun with their music, instead of being so damn serious! WATCH IT NOW!!!

Tis the perfect song and video to get your weekend started!!!
peace and love
Make sure you show them some L-O-V-E and check out their myspace!
♥ Thanks to Chelsea from audioblood for sending this over!
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