(LA) Time to Revamp your Nails!

Can you count off the top of your head how many bottles of nail polish you own? I don’t know about you but I have so many shoe boxes filled with nail polishes I can’t even remember how many of each color I have. The worst part is after using each color a few times after buying it, I forget about it or I get tired of the color so I end up buy more and more (probably a bad habit :)).
After searching through my boxes today for a color that suited my mood at the time I realized I didn’t really like any of the colors I sorted through. I thought about layering colors and I’ve done that many times before but I never seem to get the exact color/effect I want from layering.
Sooooo I came to the conclusion that since I didn’t want to spend money on more polish and I didn’t want to layer, I’m going to make my own color! Here’s what I did:
I bought an empty nail polish bottle from a nail supply store. Make sure the brush quality is good or you’ll get uneven streaks when you paint your nails.

                 Sation in Black                                OPI in Alpine Snow
OPI in Russian Navy
I decided I wanted some type of dark gray color so I choose the three colors above from my collection. I mixed about three parts black to three parts white to one part blue. (Blue just for a peeking undertone) You can choose any colors you like and the best part is you can keep adding drops of color until you find the perfect shade.

And this was my finished product after two coats and a shiny top coat. I chose to use all matte colors because I feel like the matte no shimmer look works really well for the fall. Dark gray brings black down a notch but still makes a statement perfect for any occasion or any outfit.

Try mixing your own colors and you’ll rediscover all your old nail polishes. Not to mention you’ll be saving money too!

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