Video ♥: HeyDoYou x Shop Socials

“Private events. Shopping Services and Exclusive discounts for the everyday socialite.”– Shop Socials
As you can see we had a BLAST!
This past week I did an interview with Tamika Auwai, CEO and Founder of Shop Socials, and oh-my-gosh, I heart her! Such a cheerful, driven and inspiring woman! I had such a blast getting to know her, as well as getting all the deets on Shop Socials; and now I’m sharing them with you! 
Watch the video!!
My Shop Socials Socialite Kit!! Thanks for this Tamika♥
Make sure you get your Socialite Card and say farewell to paying full price!

Tamika, I wish you all the best with Shop Socials and with everything else you do in your life! *kisses*
tweet her some L-O-V-E @shopsocials
peace and blessings
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