Au Naturel…

Fed up with smelling my hair cook, just to get it straight; I decided it was time for a change. So last month I put my hair on “Hair Detention”. I didn’t think I’d last very long, but I am proud to say that it has been over a month since I used heat on my hair! Yay! *takes a bow*

My scalp is happy and healthy, and my hair? Oh man my hair couldn’t be happier. It’s softer, way shinier, surprisingly more manageable, and there is hardly, if any breakage at all! I initially put my hair on “detention” to give it a break from all the heat styling, but somewhere along the line I decided it was time to go completely natural. I wasn’t born with fine hair, so I was done cooking my hair just to achieve that fine straight look. I did my research on maintaining natural hair, and have found some amazing and helpful tips (thank god for the internet and all the lovely ladies for sharing their natural hair tips and tricks). 
Everyday is a good day to put flowers in your hair J
If you had asked me about going natural 5 years ago I would’ve laughed in your face; as far as I was concerned natural hair was stubborn and hard to manage, and I’m almost ashamed to know that this is how I once thought. But with all the products surrounding straightening your hair to make it more “manageable”, it’s kind of hard not to fall into that trap. Lucky for me I have seen the light, and have NO intention of ever looking back; I am committed to continuing this journey one nappy hair at a time J Ladies, we are all beautiful; instead of trying to change things in order to look like what society deems as acceptable, embrace who you are, and cherish the many amazing gifts that you have already been blessed with. 

peace and love

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