CONTEST: Meet Trey Songz ~ Yuuuuup!

Mr. Steal Yo Girl is the new face of Rocawear, he’s coming to Toronto for the OMG Tour, and hitting the Yonge Street Foot Locker store to meet his biggest fans. We are soooo excited to give one HeyDoYou reader and 4 friends line by-pass tickets to meet Trey Songz.

Excited? OF COURSE! Here’s how it works…

Follow @shayxoxo_HDY on twitter & hit me with your most creative @treysongz tweet… let me know whyyyyy you LOVE the Passion, Pain & Pleasure of Trey Songz the most… tell me an interesting @treysongz fact… tell me something I don’t know… I’ll retweet some of the best tweets and let the RT’s speak! Then 1 lucky winner & four friends will be picked! We’re looking for creativity from his biggest fans, so make it amazing… YOU may get the chance to meet Trey Songz here in Toronto!

  1. follow @shayxoxo_HDY on twitter
  2. send me your most creative @treysongz tweet
  3. I’ll retweet some of the best tweets and let others RT **hint: make it retweet-worthy
  4. 1 lucky winner is picked
  5. GO w. 5 friends to MEET TREY SONGZ

Feel free to holler for more info at, GOOD LUCK xo

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