Why I LOVE it ♥: Beauty…

“This fragrance has a unique and memorable aura… It’s sober, yet sophisticated, pure, yet sensual”– The Perfumers
Oh man where do I even start. It was love at first spritz. My saying that I absolutely L-O-V-E this fragrance would be a little obvious but I apologize… I friggin LOVE it! I’ve only ever worn 3 Calvin Klein fragrances (euphoria, obsession and eternity summer) and I have to say Calvin Klein Beauty takes the trophy. 
“Beauty” was created around the Lilly displaying top notes of ambrette seeds for a spicy warmth, heart notes of jasmine, and a base note of cedar wood. Simple, Sophisticated, Sexy.
Elegance. Sophistication. Glamour. Confidence
If the word “Beauty” had a scent, this is exactly what it would smell like! Every time I wear it, people say to me, ” Oh you smell beautiful”, and I couldn’t agree more. “Beauty” has been available in Canada since October, so if you haven’t gotten yourself a bottle, make sure you do so RIGHT AWAY.
So excited to attend the Calvin Klein Beauty event later this week! 

peace and love
Thank you so much to Coty Inc for blessing me with yet another amazing fragrance 🙂
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