(T.O.) It was meant to be…Thank You!

I love gifts! This is a story about things that are meant to be…I put up a video (below) during TIFF 10, of me going crazy on a You Rock Guitar. I had no idea that on days when I took a shy look back to the grown woman (myself) who played this guitar like an excited  *ahem crazy* little girl; they totally loved it! I got an email from Kristina a few weeks ago saying that one was coming my way, so I checked with the concierge daily to see if something had come for me. But in between work, school and preparing for exams, you know the usual; I kinda forgot about it…

I decided not to open it, until my exams are over, that way I can really have some fun!

AND THEN, on my way to write a Food Handlers exam, I find this delivery sticker on my door. Immediately I get excited, and even during my exam I think about this gift that was waiting for me. Tis the season for giving and receiving. Don’t judge me. Ha ha ha. Anyway after my exam I had a million other things to do, so when I got home I just wanted to sleep. Next morning I was up really early as I had an 8a.m class, and decided to pay the concierge a visit and pick up my package. Long story short, he brought out this big box, and the little girl in me jumped up and down in circles. And this time, I played it cool.

But then I couldn’t help myself…

Thank you so much to You Rock Guitar and SF Marketing!! I am looking forward to super fun times with it!

(1 min mark)

peace and love
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