What is Love …

“A real relationship (Just my opinion) is all about balance. The good & the bad. The positives & negatives. The differences & similarities. The truths & the lies. Balance. It will have weird, random, stupid, unnecessary arguments. it will have trust issues, it will have tears, it will have hurt feelings, it will have lies (It’s okay if you don’t want to admit it to yourself, just know that God knows you lie), it will have secrets ‘cause you don’t want to hurt them if they knew or don’t want them to think differently about you or just that ”Some things are better left unsaid” quote comes into play (it’s okay if you don’t want to admit it to yourself, just know that God knows you’re hiding something), it will have lack of communication sometimes, it will have lack of interest here & there, it will have you saying ”Sometimes I wish I was single”. But to even those out. It will have holding hands, seeing eye to eye, being nose to nose while kissing, having a best friend, and sex. It will have faith, it will have smiles, it will have laughter, it will have snorts behind that laughter, it will have you crying tears of joy at some points, it will have friendship, it will have companionship, It will have patience, it will have tolerance, it will have acceptance, it will give you good company, it will have you saying,” I’m glad I’m taken”. Being with someone who can make you happy & upset, someone who can bring out the worst in you & the best in you.. That’s a mess called ‘Love’.

What is love to you??

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