Flats et Heels for 2011

One of the most unique designs for Spring/Summer 2011! Melissa has teamed up with Italian architect, Gaetano Pesce to create this versatile ankle boot. Features hollow circles connected only by their edges in which the consumer can customize by cutting the plastic discs off however you want. Get creative and cut them high or low. Into a peep-toe, sling-back, ballerina flats, or even into a sandal. Add your personal style by even decorating them! ‘This design proves itself to be highly innovative in every sense following his trademark modular design.’ 

You can customize them!
The newest Melissa shoes!  You guys all know how much of a die hard heels fan I am. But since I moved to NYC, I have only taken my heels out once or twice. This is the city for walking. I am all down for cute flats this summer.  These are cool…. They look like bathtub mats :] definitely a conversation piece. I would love to throw these in my bag for after the club.  2011 in suppose to be the year of ‘noisy’ heels. You know like the teacher walking down the hall. Clack Clack Clack
Miu Miu
Maybe something in between?

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