Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna

Rihanna is the latest celebrity to launch her own perfume line.

“I believe a woman should dare to be different — willing to live her life for herself and not for other people,” “This fragrance is about my passion for individuality – being expressive and empowering, yes, but also emotional and intriguing. I promise you Reb’l Fleur will not be easily forgotten,” Rihanna says. “Over the years, I layered many different scents to get something that was truly my own,” she said. “But I wanted…something that said ‘Rihanna was here.’ Something delicious and special, a fragrance with subtle hints that linger and leave a sexy memory.”

Rihanna is said to have wanted a fragrance that reflects her Barbados heritage. The perfume is an assortment of scents that include ripe fruits, florals, vanilla, patchouli, and amber.

The fragrance hits the shelves in February. Can’t wait to smell her collection of scents.


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