(T.O.): Twisted…

During a visit to one of my favorite stores a couple months ago; I met a lady that was rocking some natural curls in a cute afro. After complimenting her on her hair, she tells me that she’s considering putting a relaxer in her hair because she was bored with her hair and that it was difficult to maintain… Bored? Difficult? You know I had to say something. Ha ha ha. 
When it’s not out and about, it’s safely tucked in. Yes flowers, you know how it goes 🙂

I immediately made it my mission to convince her not to put relaxer in her hair in the 5 minutes I had left with her. Instead of highlighting everything that’s wrong with using chemicals to get your hair straight temporarily… I entertained her with some of the wonderful benefits that could easily be hers, by maintaining her natural hair 🙂 I saw her yesterday and her hair is still natural. YES!
I fail to understand how anyone can get bored with natural hair, when there are endless possibilities of natural hair styles that you can experiment with. I believe natural hair gives you a fun platform to really get creative. I’m always on the go, so natural hair is perfect for me. I love that I can wear a variety of natural styles and still protect my hair. I co-wash and do a conditioning treatment on Wednesdays and then do a deep conditioning treatment every Sunday. Moisturize my hair while it’s wet, then put it in twists. No comb necessary, I just use my fingers when parting my hair in sections. The lines aren’t always straight but I think I’m doing good job so far. I keep my hair in twists, except on days when I have to wash and condition. I also have a night time routine where I spray my hair with a homemade moisturizing spritz, and once it’s bed time; hello satin wrap. Easy.

Boring? Oh no.
Difficult? HA!
stay beautiful!

peace, love and health
*By the way I don’t judge anybody that uses relaxers. Hey, Do You 🙂
*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*