Design LOVE: CUTMR 2011

I got a sneak peek of CUTMR 2011 when I attended the press preview event at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto last Thursday.

Wish you were here by Denise Ing and Ken Leung

Never to disappoint, CUTMR featured unique, yet wonderful designs and installations. I also had a lovely time getting to know some of the designers.

Triptych by Mark McLean

The exhibition was opened to the public on Friday, and although I wasn’t able to attend on the weekend; I heard lots of people came out and showed the designers some love. Two thumbs up!

Here are some of my CUTMR 2011 faves!

I love this! Work by Amanda McCavour

Part of the Cyborgesses installation by Jen Prather and Steph Mansol

Chaos Theory by Becky Lane and Chrissy Poitras

Part of Dennis Lin’s installation. It was beautiful!

Design by Patrick Svilans- “…express a particular philosophical concept or life guiding principle using a physical form rather than words… order from chaos, and the negotiation of opposing forces in daily life.”

The groundWORK designers. Can you believe that entire piece is made out of foam?? So nice meeting you guys!

more of the Cyborgesses installation.

Ha! Imagine the Queen working at McDonalds! This is part of Pamila Matharu’s work.

Design by Lubo Brezina and Scott Eunson-This structure was so big I couldn’t take a picture of the whole thing. I think it’s beautiful, and the story behind it is even more beautiful!

Another favorite of mine was the De-spaced room by Kira Varvanina, unfortunately it was impossible to take a picture of it.

Congratulations to the CUTMR team and to all the designers on a job well done!

Thank you for inviting me Jeremy, it was nice to see you again!

peace, love and health


I have lots of pics and no computer, but I just wanted to share some of my CUTMR 2011 experience. There also won’t be any video for a while until my computer is fixed… sorry 🙂