Design LOVE: More IDS Goodness

More of my faves from IDS 11!

love, Love, LOVE!

I want a mailbox just like this… perhaps a touch of pink or red… That is all.

I’ll take this as well…

This one too…

Oh yes…

so pretty…

Totally diggin it.


oh you fancy huh…

Rock cushions? I’ll take em!

The dinnerware collection was crazy!

I love these.


Yes, yes, YES.

This would look good on my wall… just saying 🙂

I have to say it was pretty depressing to leave all this design goodness and go back to my very very plain apartment… Even though I’m funny about having stuff everywhere, I would have still loved to take home EVERYTHING.

Promise I’ll have an album ready for you guys in no time!

peace, love and health