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    Design LOVE: The boys like it!

    The brand new Audi A7

    The Interior Design Show always features some bad ass car, and this year there were TWO of them. The men were oohing, aahing and trying not to drool, but they were totally loving the rides!

    It’s kinda sexy No?

    The interior…

    The booty…

    then there was this one…

    The New Tesla Roadster... Sooo sexy

    Got a nice back too!

    peace, love and health


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    Design LOVE: More IDS Goodness

    More of my faves from IDS 11!

    love, Love, LOVE!

    I want a mailbox just like this… perhaps a touch of pink or red… That is all.

    I’ll take this as well…

    This one too…

    Oh yes…

    so pretty…

    Totally diggin it.


    oh you fancy huh…

    Rock cushions? I’ll take em!

    The dinnerware collection was crazy!

    I love these.


    Yes, yes, YES.

    This would look good on my wall… just saying 🙂

    I have to say it was pretty depressing to leave all this design goodness and go back to my very very plain apartment… Even though I’m funny about having stuff everywhere, I would have still loved to take home EVERYTHING.

    Promise I’ll have an album ready for you guys in no time!

    peace, love and health


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    Design LOVE: IDS 2011

    IDS 11 was this past weekend, and I was more than happy to be there to celebrate another year of design goodness! I hadn’t realized that I had taken so many pictures (over 500 to be exact), so it’s going to take some time for me to share all of them with you, as I have no computer 🙁

    Anyway, now for some of what you missed.


    It was so good seeing you again Hawley!


    I want…

    oh the cuteness

    from a trunk to a desk!

    i’ll take them as well…


    so pretty!

    I don’t know how this artist does it! Fantastic!


    yes, yes, YES.

    It was all about the furry lights!

    More fur…

    I want this chair…

    Thank you to Christine from Faulhaber for inviting me!

    peace, love and health


    I’ll post links for where you can find all these designs soon!

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    Azure Magazine 25th

    Happy Birthday Azure Magazine!  25th years of celebrating architecture, design and everything between.

     Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Cahill at this event. Cahill works with the Canadian Salvaged Timber Corp who was involved as a sponsor.

    They showcased their precious timber pieces. They cost a zillion dollars and are amazing. Furniture made from salvaged wood from the 1700s etc.  You will see in the photos below. They audience were all design conscious crowd with expensive unique eyeglasses and spectacular patterned tights. Very a la 2011.  Thanks for all the wine, cheese and eyecandy.

    events that inspire, hey Azure Mag, thanks for turning me on


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