DressToKill Spring Edition

“GetKill” here!

I…had…SO…much…FUN at the Dress To Kill Spring Issue release party on Monday at Briscola Trattoria here in Toronto. The room was filled with sooo many people. Everyone looked wonderful, there was lots of laughing, chatting, hugs, kisses, GOOD food, aaahhh it was GREAT. Before I go on, I must say this… Dear Toronto. You are beautiful, and your style? Oh man.

I need this piece. Yes. Need. She (Naanafya- CEO of Hard Candi Jewellery) made both the piece she’s wearing, and the one he’s wearing as well.

Brianna- Dress To Kill Magazine

The female DJs in Toronto are definitely what we consider “Cute, Clever and Connected”

And she made this piece. I see you tryna be all up in my frame blue eyes 😉

some GOOD food!

These ladies were to there to welcome and take care of all the party people 🙂

Mike and Jas, always a pleasure!

So nice seeing you again Chrissy (Founder of Vocab Comm.) and nice meeting you Tony!

All black everything. I love the hint of red, Nikki 🙂


Wherever the colour red dwells, my camera will go.

We took the picture, he looks at it, then frowns before saying, “ooooooo noooooo” lol I hope you had an AWESOME birthday Karim! mwah

The Chef was serving up some good food all night long, and it was PACKED in there! I tip my hat off too you sir.

We had an interesting conversation about internet relationships… and not the ones you’re thinking about 😉

Shiny! I got a close up of her nails in the next post.

I didn’t want to put the pictures in a slide show, as everyone was so patient while I gently shimmied people out of the way to take the pic. Ha ha ha, I was very gentle. So up next, Dress To Kill Spring Edition part two!

Thank you to the Dress To Kill team for inviting us out, I had a really good time.

To Duane’s friend who hooked me up with some good eats, you’re awesome! good looking out girl 🙂

As always it was nice to reconnect with some familiar Toronto peeps, and always a pleasure meeting new ones 🙂

peace, love and health