OR by Angela Chen ~ via writer, Leslie Doc

Its always so nice to have a media invitation to an LG Fashion Week show, its such an atmosphere of excitement, talent and art! One of my closest friends, Leslie Doc, has just graduated University and is beginning her career in the production side of a Rogers show; she’s always been a creative mind to bang ideas around with a love of fashion, so with this being right up her alley I invited her to come out to the Angela Chen show… the only catch was that she would be the one to write the review post of the show. Having studied Journalism and Media Communications Doc’s been a writer since I can remember and believes that, to be a true journalist, one must be true to what they feel and honest in their message. Check out her thoughts.
“The angela chen show started on a sky-high note. From the moment the crowds of stilettos hit the plush red carpet to the heartfelt applause, the OR by Angela Chen show had ambiance down to a T. The venue was glamorous and spacious, with the dark cave- like entrance stirring the first dose of suspense. The place was at full capacity and all of the flashes and the dull murmur of anticipation added to the build up of the show. The music was subtle yet sexy and fit perfectly with the vibe; well chosen. The mood was set for worlds to be rocked. But a fashion show needs more than pretense to be badass. It needs kickass clothes that make you want to break the bank so you can rock them. While Chen had some pieces that were workable, like an understated sexy knit shawl/sweater that left just the right amount to the imagination, to an inventive knit cut out with braiding and intricate shapes covering the bare essentials, most of the collection was too heavy, seemed slightly messy and didn’t coordinate well with the pieces they were paired with. The tutus were desirable in and of themselves, but the knits (the common denominator in the collection) were perhaps more suitable for fall/winter paired with mens slacks or maybe a touch of tweed. In short, the show was beautiful, the clothes fell a little flat. The notion of mixing heavy wools and knits with summer pieces,chiffon and crinoline seems ideal, but somehow missed the mark in its execution. Take me back to Chen’s tailored silhouettes and structured solids of the Orange collection, where badass clothes had girls like me caught in a daydream.”

Atmosphere is ideal, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We loved the over-all and look forward to see what’s next!