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A fellow Cancer and a real breath of fresh purple mangoes. Scott is dope and if you don’t know about him, get familiar!

“Great” $cott McKenzie is a young British-Jamaican Author & Entrepreneur. His foundation within the industry began with world renowned Hip-Hop trio, “The Fugees.” Lauryn Hill and Wyclef quickly put the young Great Scott under their wing and became his all around mentors. Sometime after Scott’s high school years an unfortunate incident of mistaken identity with the police caused McKenzie to take the issue of image seriously. His motivation and passion led to an internship with famed style guru June Ambrose, Vibe and XXL Magazine, which led to working as a celebrity stylist for the likes of Kid Cudi, Wale, Pharrell, Teyana Taylor, Wyclef, Spike Lee, Bun B, Diggy Simmons, Tristan Wilds, Chanel Iman, Nelly, Ralph Lauren Ads plus more.

Great Scott is a renaissance man of all sorts with endeavors ranging from consulting to creative directing to viral marketing for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Now he is an established Author & Entrepreneur in digital media. He also owns a concierge service to the Fashion, Music & Entertainment industry.


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