Marian Newman Minx

Minx, Inc.® is very pleased to announce the launchof Minx Professional for Marian Newman, a show-stopping line created in collaborationbetween Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin, and legendary U.K.nail stylist Marian Newman.

“We have felt honored to work closely with Marian for the past few years and with over60 British Vogue covers to her credit, it is no surprise that she’s known as the grand dameof high-fashion nails,” said Minx co-founder Dawn Lynch-Goodwin. “This line givesher a chance to showcase her creativity and artistry, and to make her favorite designsavailable to other nail stylists around the world.”

Me wearing Longevity

The eight designs in the Minx Professional for Marian Newman line reflect her workwith runway legends such as Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Vivienne Westwoodand Givenchy as well as her work with fashion icons including Kate Moss, Lady Gaga,Victoria Beckham and Uma Thurman. Embodying timeless elegance and class, thecollection includes:
Hot Degradé and Cool Degradé: A super chic fade using hot and coolversions that look amazing when layered over a metallic Minx base;MN Key and Longevity: A logo-esque design created by Marian and a uniquedesign that is personal to the nail stylist, incorporating her science background and her ten years of work experience with Dior; Silver Hollows and Plunge: Designs that represent altered states and change the curve of the nail with illusions; Spaced Out and Illumination: Versions of the “moon manicure” with oriental detailing.

ALK rocking Longevity during TorontoFashion Week

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