Eeyores Birthday!!!!

Ayy cool world!!! So if your like me, you would have to ask yourself “What the hell is Eeyores birthday? and why do they celebreat the most depressing cartoon character known to man?!?!”. I have lived in Austin for two years now and everytime Eeyores birthday comes around, i ALWAYS miss it somehow and i never understand it anyway :).

As you can see from the photos below, that folk just come out dressed in their crazy and always interesting costumes. Some reaaaaaaaaaaal characters :)..

How do th elocals really celebrate it?? Well for the uneducated, this day is usually used to smoke weed legally even in front of police officers. YEP you heard me right, even infront of the police! Makes ya think right??

The soul purpose of the event is to raise money for non profits, not a bad idea considering all the perks that come along with the event :)…Of course Attendant are ALWAYS encouraged to wear thei costumes lol

So the next time your in Austin, be sure to come by for some Very VEry VEry interesting times :)…