MIGHTY CONE!!!!! Yezzziirrrr :) #SoGood

So over the summertime i created a challenge for myself that i would eat at most of the spots in Austin that are hot spots to eat at. So i know what your thinking “Out of all the restaurants in Austin how did you choose a place that served meals that came in this flimsy coned shape cup?” It is quite simple ‘literally’. For starters i walk up and noticed this trailer that is in a parking lot and thought to myself “This truck cant be bout nothin” then when i walk up and see how customers are just enjoying the hell out of these cone creations, OBVIOUSLY my curiosity starts to build.

As i walk up im noticing all the menu choices and have no idea
what to choose, so me bein me ima roll wit anything chicken ANY day the week homie :). So of course i chose the Chicken Avocado cone with a creamy spicy sauce, when i tell you this cone had everything i ever wanted in a meal! It hit EVERY TASTE BUD and executed very well.

If you are EVER in Austin, Mighty Cone is a a place you must stop at This place is a real treat in the Spring and Summer season, see ya there!!! 🙂

1600 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 383-9609
Check the photos out…