Jamie Minor


So yesterday reality hit me in a way that left me in a reflective state of mind. Ive never been one to shy away from sharing with yall and i wont start now. I met a girl once early last year who became a friend of mines by the name of Jamie Minor, she had this huge smile on her face. Of course she had more fashion sense than i did:) i mean in all honesty thats never hard to do, im nowhere near the word fashion.

She was a girl of adventure and i mean that in every sense of the word, she would always send me facebook inbox messages and text to do random stuff. Im a guy who loves doin random stuff, the word random should be my middle name. Jamie passed away weeks ago and i jus found out on Sunday. I say that to say this, Kanye put in words of truth “People never get the flowers while they can still smell em”. Speaks truth, life really is too short to be spiteful, hate, talk bad about people or jus not 100 hundred percent forgiving people. Love the ones you Love and find it hard to love, love sees through good and bad and it will benefit you in the end.

Im not perfect by anny means and their are plenty of things in my life i wish i could turn the hands of time on. I pray every single day (I mean that) that god will work on me whole heartedly. I miss Jamie alot and i really am gonna start appreciating the folk who love me and are against me alot more. I dont like to see peolpe leave Gods Green Earth.Put aside the material things Its a blessing to be here no matter how you look at it.

Rest In Peace Jamie..I miss you