Piranha Sushi


Have you ever watched ‘The Food Network’ or any other Food motivated network and they feature restaurants that are a local favorite? But when they interview the locals about that particular restaurant, the locals always over-do it by saying that particular Restaurant is the best in the world, when infact some of the locals have never even been anywhere outside the U.S :).

Wellll im that guy, i am goin to over-do it and say Piranha Sushi in Austin is the BEST sushi in the world!! 🙂 :). What’s funny about my statement, is that the only international place i have visited has been Saskatchewan Canada :).

What’s even better is they have  a sign in the form of an actual Piranha out front 🙂

The best roll i EVER had was their Pirahna Roll with shrimp that has slices of Jalepeno on top of it. Im not a fan of Sake, but compliment this with an adult Orange Juice beverage 😉

Its no secret that i love food, i’ve always said to my friends here in Austin that if there was NO fast food chain restaurants here, there would still be a wide variety of different and fun foods….LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! I don’t know where YOU get your crab cakes from BUUT, Piranha’s crab cakes are on ANOTHER LEVEL!!!

Why you ask? One ,they come on the Happy Hour menu, which means they will be very inexpensive. Secondly,they dress it up so well with a fresh mango and pineapple salsa, with a drizzle of  Wasabi and Sweet Spicy sauce. The crab cakes also don’t come with that fishy taste that most seafood dishes may have.

Don’t be scurrred, get ya Piranha Killer Sushi today!!!!

Website: www.piranhakillersushi.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Piranha-Killer-Sushi-ATX

207 San Jacinto Blvd Suite 202
Austin, TX 78701-4002
(512) 473-8775