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    Beyond Sushi Reveals Versatile New Menu


    The plant-based eatery goes “Beyond Sushi”

    New York, N.Y. —  Beyond Sushi, a fast-casual plant-based eatery, announces a soft launch of their newly extended menu, which is being served at the Union Square and Chelsea Market outposts. It is soon to launch at their Midtown West location.


    Being the pioneer of the vegan sushi movement since July 2012, Beyond Sushi continues to delight both vegans and non-vegans with their creative use of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The new menu, three years in the works, has been carefully crafted by founders Chef Guy and Tali Vaknin. With the goal to expand beyond the regular rolls, the menu offers wide-ranging vegan dishes including dumplings, noodle salads, and noodle soups with catchy names such as “Smokey Tom,” “Chic Pea,” and “Jolly Onion.” In addition, the brand has reinvented their signature sushi rolls, rice bed salads, and paper wraps to intrigue the masses.


    “We are always inspired to create and re-create; it’s the foundation of how we thrive as beings,” said Chef Vaknin. “When people hear the name Beyond Sushi, we want them to really think beyond the rolls. We are a health conscious, green eatery making the “traditional”, unconventional and unique.”

    The 100% vegan brand is committed to being sustainable and locally sourced at an affordable price. For more information, please visit www.beyondsushi.com.


    About Beyond Sushi: Beyond Sushi is a plant-based, health conscious eatery that celebrates the flavors and beauty of locally-sourced, seasonal produce. Founded by renowned Chef, Guy Vaknin, and his wife, Tali, Beyond Sushi offers an assortment of distinctive sushi rolls and other nutritional staples at three outposts in Manhattan.
    Chef Vaknin and his culinary team fuse unconventional pairings of fruit and vegetables with whole grains to create sushi rolls, rice paper wraps, salads, and signature juice blends. Beyond Sushi strives to popularize a modern approach to traditional sushi by crafting intricate and wholesome dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

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    Amber in West Village with @MaxamusEnt

    When my wonderfully crazy friend Taj the Blacklion came to NYC for a visit last week, I was so excited to have dinner together. Knowing that he was an EX-New Yorker, and me being a relatively new one, I had to take him to the new hot spot du jour – You know they change quicker than a NY Minute! Nothing better than good friends and good food right?

    Amber is a resto-lounge in West Village with incredible decor and even better food. I had the Duck Hirata Buns, Rock Tempura Shrimp and Unagi Rolls. Nom nom

    More info here http://www.yelp.com/biz/amber-village-new-york


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    Piranha Sushi


    Have you ever watched ‘The Food Network’ or any other Food motivated network and they feature restaurants that are a local favorite? But when they interview the locals about that particular restaurant, the locals always over-do it by saying that particular Restaurant is the best in the world, when infact some of the locals have never even been anywhere outside the U.S :).

    Wellll im that guy, i am goin to over-do it and say Piranha Sushi in Austin is the BEST sushi in the world!! 🙂 :). What’s funny about my statement, is that the only international place i have visited has been Saskatchewan Canada :).

    What’s even better is they have  a sign in the form of an actual Piranha out front 🙂

    The best roll i EVER had was their Pirahna Roll with shrimp that has slices of Jalepeno on top of it. Im not a fan of Sake, but compliment this with an adult Orange Juice beverage 😉

    Its no secret that i love food, i’ve always said to my friends here in Austin that if there was NO fast food chain restaurants here, there would still be a wide variety of different and fun foods….LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! I don’t know where YOU get your crab cakes from BUUT, Piranha’s crab cakes are on ANOTHER LEVEL!!!

    Why you ask? One ,they come on the Happy Hour menu, which means they will be very inexpensive. Secondly,they dress it up so well with a fresh mango and pineapple salsa, with a drizzle of  Wasabi and Sweet Spicy sauce. The crab cakes also don’t come with that fishy taste that most seafood dishes may have.

    Don’t be scurrred, get ya Piranha Killer Sushi today!!!!

    Website: www.piranhakillersushi.com

    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Piranha-Killer-Sushi-ATX

    207 San Jacinto Blvd Suite 202
    Austin, TX 78701-4002
    (512) 473-8775