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    State Cashmere – The softest wardrobe staples that last a lifetime, made from only the finest Grade A cashmere

    Every woman needs a cozy, stylish pullover to pair perfectly with jeans, trousers, skirts, and more. State Cashmere’s substantial wavy ribbed V-neck sweater fits true to size and will complement any wardrobe. It looks fun without the frivolity of fast fashion. This wavy v-necks are the way to go. This sweater is persuasively soft and planet-friendly.

    State Cashmere‘s Grade A cashmere is sourced from Inner Mongolia, home to one of the world’s oldest domesticated livestock – the cashmere goat. All material is lovingly collected to create the softest wardrobe staples made to last a lifetime. Unlike most cashmere brands in the fashion industry, State Cashmere works directly with the shepherds from Inner Mongolia. These are trusted relationships, and State Cashmere will never work with middlemen, cashmere traders or brokers. The best cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia is remote and isolated from the world’s manufacturing communities. The land is home to one of the world’s oldest domesticated livestock – the cashmere goat, a sustainable source of raw material for fine textiles.

    State Cashmere does not do blends. The brand is committed to only using 100% pure cashmere for their pieces. State Cashmere‘s commitment to no blends is not only more comfortable for you, but also more sustainable for our environment. State Cashmere has also eliminated excess packaging. It calls a win-win.

    Cashmere is incredibly soft, thin, and versatile. When taken care of, it is a heritage piece meant to be passed down from one generation to the next. Cashmere pieces are transcendental and can be worn season after season and year after year. They are basic but not plain and can be dressed up or dressed down. These are style staples that will elevate your wardrobe for the rest of your life.

    Things You Might Want to Know About Cashmere

    • Cashmere is actually a type of wool… BUT: Only the finest and softest fiber combed from the undercoats of a certain kind of goats- Cashmere Goat can call CASHMERE. Otherwise, the rest of them are all just WOOL.
    • 5 Cashmere Goats = 1 Sweater: Each cashmere goat typically produces just 150 g of fibers, and it takes approximately 4-5 adult-sized goats to make one 100% cashmere sweater. Part of what makes cashmere so exclusive is because… it is only harvested from goats once a year.
    • Sweater pilling is NATURAL: Pilling is a natural occurrence in cashmere and is usually caused by friction. Follow the cashmere care steps below to take care of your sweaters properly.
    • Handwash cashmere sweaters with your shampoo: The care label is “dry clean only,” but hand washing your cashmere sweater will actually make it softer over time. Using baby shampoo, it works like a magic!
    • Always Fold Your Cashmere: It’s best to store your cashmere in a box with cedar mothballs or chips as opposed to hanging it up. Hanging your cashmere for long periods of time can change its shape. The ideal area for storage should be a cool, dark, and dry place.

    Cashmere has an insulation capacity 3x higher than wool, regulating your body temperature to keep you warm rather than hot. Cashmere is hygroscopic, meaning it is naturally breathable. It can keep you cool when it is not and warm when it is not. Quality cashmere does not shrink when washed correctly and will retain shape better than traditional wool. Cashmere does not wrinkle – you can pull it out of a suitcase and wear it straight away.

    State Cashmere was founded in New York City in 2017, but the founder has been in the cashmere industry for generations. Coming from a family of shepherds in Inner Mongolia and grew up watching grandparents raising cashmere goats, through the family heritage and passion for cashmere, State Cashmere’s goal is to bring you the finest cashmere pieces from the heart of the founder’s homeland.

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    Each cup packs 20g of plant-based protein, Chef Woo’s ramen is one of a kind!

    We all want to eat healthier. But eating well can be a real challenge. That’s why many of us are choosing to add plant-based options to our diets. Instant ramen is one of the most popular foods in the world. Why? It’s delicious, simple and convenient. But nutritious? That’s not a word you think of for instant ramen. Until now.

    Not all plant-based proteins are created equal. To be considered a complete protein, it needs to have all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids are “essential” because your body can not produce them. So you have to get them in your food. Chef Woo’s ramen is a complete plant-based protein with all the essential amino acids. So as some like to say, Woo-hoo, Chef Woo!​​​​​​​​

    Chef Woo is changing the instant ramen game by using high quality ingredients that overall tastes better and is healthier than your average cup ramen. Chef Woo ramen is also kosher certified. They are all about making good ramen that everyone can enjoy. Chef Woo is spreading the joy of ramen goodness one noodle at a time.​​​​​​​​

    Imagine 20g of plant-based protein packed in every cup. That’s almost 3 times more protein than other popular brands and a good chunk of your daily requirements. What could be better? How about being MSG free and palm oil free? Good clean organic eating is just a cup away. No animal protein at all! 100% plant-based noodles means less impact on the planet. And to further reduce the carbon footprint, Chef Woo is lovingly made domestically. Not only that, Chef Woo is also both Kosher and Halal-certified. Chef Woo isn’t your everyday cup ramen. Their foodie worthy flavors take instant ramen to the next level. Enjoy authentic ramen. Eat it on its own or add your own toppings.

    Roasted Chicken Flavor

    Chef Woo classic Roasted Chicken ramen is a popular choice while getting 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving. It’s a satisfying meal with complete protein in minutes. Enjoy the cup of noodles and broth as is, or spicy ramen with your favorite hot sauce.

    Thai Lemongrass Flavor

    Satisfy your body and soul with Chef Woo. The refreshing flavor of lemongrass blends together with traditional Thai spices to create a flavor explosion for your tastebuds in this organic instant noodle cup.

    Braised Beef Flavor

    The rich, braised beef flavour and the organic ramen noodles come together to make the perfect quick and nourishing meal. Eat it on its own or add your favourite toppings to it, this vegan and kosher certified instant ramen is sure to satisfy the foodie in you.


    Sweet Chili Togarashi Flavor

    This classic Japanese spice blend consists of chili flakes, seaweed, sesame seeds, and sometimes orange peel. So you can expect a flavor profile that melds into a spicy, umami and slightly sweet ramen broth.

    You don’t always have time to create a well-balanced, delicious meal during your busy day. One Chef Woo instant noodle cup makes a quick and easy lunch or dinner. With Chef Woo, you can enjoy quick and easy hot ramen noodles made with ingredients you feel good about putting into your body. Introducing the first organic, fully plant and protein-based instant ramen. All with savory-tasting flavors that will ignite your taste buds as well as your body and soul. This single cup ramen is high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients needed for a healthy meal.

    Chef Woo is the FIRST instant ramen with 20 grams of plant-based protein (the equivalent of 3 eggs). That’s almost 3 times more protein than other popular instant ramen brands. Their special recipe of 100% organic noodles provide a plant-based complete protein meal that doesn’t just fill you up but nourishes the body. Their elevated flavors take instant ramen to the next level.

    Chef Woo ramen generates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than a serving of beef.​​​​​​​​ Chef Woo is all about being good for the planet and body. That’s why They’re committed to environmentally-friendly practices every step of the way. ​​​​​​​Producing Chef Woo Ramen uses 97% less water than beef.​​​​​​​​​​ Chef Woo’s plant-based organic noodles pack 20g of protein, and is made with mindful environmental practices at heart. So sit back and enjoy a cup of ramen cup knowing it’s as good for you as it is for the planet!​​​​​​​​

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    Baby Shower Gift Picked from Feltman Brothers

    My best friend is having a new boy soon, how excited it is! As a good friend to my friend and future aunt to this new baby boy, a sweet gift is necessary to welcome him to this beautiful world. This time I chose a cute knit longall from Feltman Brothers for the upcoming baby shower.

    Diamond Knit Longall

    The Diamond Knit Longall is cute and oh so cozy, perfect for keeping your little one warm without compromising on style. This classy baby outfit features diamond knit at the top and along the sleeve edges, as well as ribbed knit lining the neck, sleeve, and leg cuffs. When your little prince needs to look his best, go with a Feltman Brothers baby outfit – you’ll be glad you did!

    For over 100 years, Feltman Brothers has been creating vintage style baby outfits for boys and girls, giving families the opportunity to create all those wonderful memories. Contributing to moments that can last forever with the timeless designs, portrait-worthy class and heirloom quality.

    The Feltman Brothers website covers a wide spectrum of styles including smocked dresses and bubbles for your baby girl and bobby suits and rompers for your baby boy. Comfortable knit baby sweaters and outfits, newborn coming home outfits, cozy pima cotton sleepwear and our famous special occasion gowns are the perfect find for the doting grandma, baby shower wishes and milestone moments. Their vintage accessory line includes baby bonnets, booties, diaper sets, and unique baby gifts like our true-to-life Feltman dolls.

    Feltman Brothers offers a full baby boutique online for all occasions, including Christmas, Easter, wedding and flower girl dresses, baby birthdays, and special occasions. Their expanding full line of preemie clothes has the perfect outfit, gown, bonnet and blanket for your precious little one.

    Feltman Brothers vintage baby clothes feature the classy, antique look you love, with lots of lace trim, smocking, handmade pintucks, and hand embroidery – because you deserve an heirloom quality baby layette you can pass down for generations to come.

    Feltman Brothers keeps high value in the attention to fine details that make our pieces true one of a kind finds that will continue to be there while you and your loved ones create memories with every cherished baby stage.

    Visit them online at www.feltmanbrothers.com and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/feltmanbrothers.

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    Time to get a good night’s sleep with these silk pillowcases crafted from 6A grade mulberry silk, and your skin and hair will also thank you.

    Smooth, Soft, Breathable, Cool-to-the-touch. Perfect in Giving Silk Care to Your Face, Neck and Hair All-night. Waking up in Morning By Soft Silk Pillowcase Provides You A Good Mood At The Start of A Day! Silk never absorbs facial moisture. It is great for Your Hair and Skin. LILYSILK’s 19 Momme Pillowcase is the perfect choice to discover the world of silk. The pillowcase has an envelope closure for those who like to put their hands under their pillowcases when they sleep. Inexpensive yet effective in treating common sleep-related problems such as skin irritations, this pillowcase also leaves your hair feeling hydrated. Turn your average slumber into a rejuvenating deep sleep.

    Silk allow the skin and hair to slide over the pillowcase very gently and freely, reducing facial wrinkles, preventing dry/ knotted hair and reduce hair loss. Silk is also a natural temperature regulator which can adjust our skin temperature to an optimal level, ensuring deep sleep for all night. Experience the luxury of LILYSILK’s silk pillow cases. These silk pillowcases are constructed from pure silk which gives it its smooth finish, even after many times wash and wear. Wrinkle free, easy to care for.

    Why Silk Pillowcase Instead of Satin or Polyester ?

    • An Economical Way to Experience Silk!
    • Protect Hair from Further Damaged.
    • Super soft and smooth, Nourishes Dry Hair
    • Moisture Skin, anti-aging and wrinkles
    • 3 Times Than Cotton and satin in Breathable Test
    • Made of 100% pure natural fabric, no chemicals
    • Looks Luxurious instead of cheap. Beautiful silk sheen, add a style to your bedroom
    • Benefits For Your Hair and Skin, its a long term process, try it, experience it and then stick to it, you will be surprised
    • Not only LilySilk has hot-selling white silk pillowcase, but they have ivory, light blue, silvergray, taupe, and light plum, rosy pink, dark teal pillowcase, and they can customize the size and other color for you.
    • LilySilk also has both sides pure mulberry silk pillowcase, 22 momme silk pillowcase and 25 momme silk pillowcase.

    LilySilk‘s mulberry silk pillowcase has sold to more than 50 countries and they have dedicated to making better silk items for their customers for more than 10 years. No matter how old you are, boys or girls, you can use LilySilk’ silk pillowcase, silk night cap, silk bedding sets, silk pyjamas, silk duvets, silk hair scrunchies and silk women clothing for better sleep and better life ! A silk pillowcase is the perfect choice for you to enter the world of silk.

    Get to Know More About One Side Silk Pillowcase

    • Fabric: 100% 19 Momme pure Mulberry silk with 400 thread count; The underside of the pillowcase is cotton with 40-60 tex.
    • Cotton underside: The underside is made from 100% cotton. The cotton underside is designed to prevent pillow from slipping from the underneath of your head or slipping off the bed. In addition,a cotton underside can help to reduce the overall cost, and most people only use one side of a pillowcase.
    • Closure: Big opening and longer hidden zipper for style, comfort and better fit the pillow into the pillowcase. Each silk pillowcase is handmade and shows top-quality workmanship.
    • Size: Standard: 20”x26”(51x66cm); Queen: 20”x30”(50x75cm); King: 20”x36”(50x90xm)
    • Easy Care: Hand or Machine Wash in Cold Water on Gentle Cycle. Hang to Dry. Cool Iron. Do Not Bleach. Can Also Be Dry Cleaned

    LilySilk silk pillowcase are made with long stranded 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk. No chemicals are added in production process and the use of any machinery or chemical additives that could potentially compromise the quality of the silk has been strictly forbidden to ensure LilySilk customers enjoy the perfectly soft and smooth feel of the silk products.

    The Benefits of Mulberry Silk

    Silk is a protein fiber extracted from the substance secreted by silkworms after lots of handling and processing. It is a fiber closest to our skin and contains 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body. The laborious processing and inborn advantages brought silk the reputation of queen of fibers.
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    Making a Wedding Look and Feel Luxurious Without the Hefty Price Tag

    Making a Wedding Look and Feel Luxurious Without the Hefty Price Tag

    Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. And every couple’s joy is making the day as memorable as possible. In a bid to do this, couples go for luxurious locations and event centers. Then, they ‌lick their wounds and count the cost when the wedding is over. 


    As much as you want your special day forever etched in the minds of your loved ones, you still want to do it within your means. Such that after the event, you have enough to enjoy your honeymoon and start your new life. Remember, a wedding is at most a weekend while the marriage is a lifetime. 


    Weddings have several tiny expenses that can quickly add to a huge hefty price tag, from getting the perfect venue, videographer, and photographer to the outfits and wedding cake. You’d also want your guests to be well fed at the reception with great music. Eventually, it seems like your cost is running high. 


    However, there are ways to have your dream wedding look glamorous. You must be willing to make some compromises on not-so-important things. Read on to find ways to make a beautiful wedding ceremony on a budget that still looks luxurious.  


    Concentrate on the Details 

    One of the most important things to prioritize is paying attention to how you want to feel rather than visuals alone. As a couple, you want to focus on the details that make meaning and have a personal feel. So, first, you’d like to ask yourself, what are the core aspects of this occasion? Then, when you’re able to answer the question sincerely, you can easily identify necessities and eliminate frivolities.


    One of the most important elements of your wedding is having friends and families celebrate with you. Start by targeting a few close friends and families and ensure enough food to go around. Also, having a well-thought-out handwritten thank-you card will make guests special. Once you’ve decided on the most important things, you can add color to the day where necessary. 


    One way that color can add class to your event is by finding the right blend on invites. You want your invites to be personal and have a matching mailing accessory. This could work for your wedding, bridal shower, and engagement announcement. In addition, you can look up some custom bridal shower invitation ideas.  


    Visit a Regular Salon

    Because it’s your special day, you’d want to look fabulous, and rightly so. But remember, the focus is on quality. And quality doesn’t ‌always translate to expensive. The goal is to ‌get the very best at a bargain price. 


    One solid way to cut costs is by resisting the temptation of visiting a wedding hairstylist. The fact they’ve carved out a niche means the price would double. However, you can find an equally great hair stylist who will deliver exceptional quality for a fraction of the former’s price. Another way to save costs is to visit the salon instead salon instead of being visited by them. 


    Borrow From Family and Friends

    Weddings shouldn’t be equivalent to buying everything brand new. Besides, the audience barely notices most of the expenses. You can get some things free from loved ones. Someone might be able to offer decor items, linens, and lovely vintage items for free.  


    A wedding is a good time to take stock of your relationships and see how you can leverage them. For example, some friends could be event managers, interior decorators, or fashion designers. Approaching them could be a win-win for all. It saves them the cost of buying new gifts, and you get to save a lot.


    Decorate With Fake Flowers

    If you’re a flower lover, especially for ladies, this might be an area you’d want to spend on. However, it is important to note that real flowers cost you more—from consulting with a florist to purchasing flowers befitting for the venue. Therefore, you can opt for fake bouquets and flowers instead.  


    You can decide to get a variety of individual flowers and create your bouquet. Or if you aren’t so great with colors, you can buy directly. Additionally, faux flowers last longer, and the temperature won’t affect them. It makes a perfect choice to use them all season long in your home and for other occasions.  


    Hire Your Music-inclined Friends

    Another way to save costs is by hiring your music-inclined friends. Know anyone who’s part of the church choir, live band, or a Disc Jockey? Fantastic. You can have them render their service as a wedding gift to you. Better still, if they can get their crew to join in. 


    Meaning Over Frivolities 

    The key to having a luxurious wedding is focusing on what is important and has meaning. Then focus on areas where you can cut costs by doing some things yourself. Then leverage your circles to get the best value for little or no money. 




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    With 92% less sugar than regular candy and no taste compromise… Healthy Hippo is a clear win!

    When it comes to sugar, say hello monk fruit and bye to stevia. But why you may ask? The truth is, after tried lots of different natural sweeteners when Healthy Hippo testing their candy and found that Monk Fruit was well, just the best! It has a cleaner, balanced sweetness when compared to stevia, but more importantly it doesn’t have the signature stevia aftertaste and it doesn’t overwhelm the delicious fruit flavors.

    Healthy Hippo believes in high-quality ingredients and are the only North American candy brand to use solely monk fruit juice concentrate to sweeten their candy, giving them that balanced sweetness without the junk – no sugar alcohols, stevia, or allulose! Monk fruit is gut-friendly and doesn’t have the funky aftertaste that stevia products can often have. So they chose to sweeten their candy with only monk fruit juice concentrate because after lots (and lots) of testing, they found it was the clear winner in a pretty big way. 

    Fun fact, did you know that Healthy Hippo is not only low cal, but it’s also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a sore throat remedy? Well, now it’s even being researched for its anti-inflammatory properties! Healthy Hippo Candy is formulated with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives – free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and sugar alcohols. High in fiber, fully vegan, non-GMO, and made with absolutely nothing artificial! Healthy Hippo candies are made with natural fruit and vegetable juices such as turmeric and spirulina.

    Healthy Hippo takes your tummies seriously, and they know that too high of a fiber content can cause stomach-aches. They keep their fiber content high but still balanced so kids can eat more than one bag with no upset tummies! Each bag is less than 17g of fiber, which means you can indulge safely!

    Healthy Hippo is leading the category as the only low sugar candy brand in North America to have a carbon neutral certification, targeting sustainability improvements from their ingredients to transportation, processing and packaging.

    Can’t decide which to try? Healthy Hippo has got you covered with the Variety Pack! The Hippo Gummies (2) have a sweet, soft, and chewy texture with flavors – including lemon, watermelon, mango, and strawberry. The fruit gummies also come as Sour Hippo Gummies (2), which start off sour and fade to sweet. The Swedish Hippos (2) are tangy, berry sweet and mouthwatering from beginning to end.