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    2022’s Best Cities for Vegetarians & Vegans – WalletHub Study

    With Oct. 1 being World Vegetarian Day and Nov. 1 being World Vegan Day, and with 15.5 million U.S. adults having a vegetarian or vegan diet, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2022’s Best Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians, as well as accompanying videos and expert commentary.

    To determine the best and cheapest places for following a plant-based diet, WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 17 key indicators of vegan- and vegetarian-friendliness. The data set ranges from the share of restaurants serving meatless options to the cost of groceries for vegetarians to salad shops per capita.

    Top 20 Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians
    1. Portland, OR 11. Boise, ID
    2. Orlando, FL 12. Miami, FL
    3. Los Angeles, CA 13. Cincinnati, OH
    4. Phoenix, AZ 14. El Paso, TX
    5. Austin, TX 15. Plano, TX
    6. Seattle, WA 16. Las Vegas, NV
    7. San Francisco, CA 17. Bakersfield, CA
    8. Tampa, FL 18. Washington, DC
    9. San Diego, CA 19. Fort Wayne, IN
    10. Lexington-Fayette, KY 20. Chicago, IL

    Best vs. Worst

    • Plano, Texas, has the highest share of restaurants serving vegetarian options, 63.65 percent, which is 21.6 times higher than in Laredo, Texas, the city with the lowest at 2.95 percent.
    • Scottsdale, Arizona, has the highest share of restaurants serving vegan options, 16.26 percent, which is 19.6 times higher than in North Las Vegas, Nevada, the city with the lowest at 0.83 percent.
    • San Francisco has the most community-supported agriculture programs (per square root of population), 0.0182, which is 22.8 times more than in San Antonio, the city with the fewest at 0.0008.
    • Atlanta has the most salad shops (per square root of population), 0.2296, which is 17.8 times more than in San Bernardino, California, the city with the fewest at 0.0129.
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    Vegan Slow Fashion Brand Hemincuff – designed for the modern, fashion-forward risk takers

    You might notice, our fashion world is changing, people start to put more attention on sustainable and recycle products. Fast fashion brands are not as popular as before. Now is the time for us to turn to slow fashion. For Hemincuff, slow fashion and sustainability is a priority. Mainly, all vegan brands are mass-produced. Unlike many current fashion brands, Hemincuff is no fast fashion. The creative director, NOEL VELOZ’s work is meticulous and has integrity. His aim is to set the tone for the vegan luxury market and really move it up and on.

    Hemincuff, this NYC-based vegan and sustainable accessories brand is designed for the modern, fashion-forward risk-takers. Hemincuff is committed to empowering advantageous professionals that are focused on achieving the unachievable and looking elegant while doing it. The geometric and minimalistic designs create a clean, yet hip and expressive style, perfect for a beach picnic date, a night out on the town with your girls, and everything in between!

    Hemincuff creates timeless handmade products made to last and be worn in different ways. Adding Rubber to our PU leather gives it strength and long lasting durability. They run many quality test on their items to make sure they are providing you with a great sustainable product that is handmade. Their Aesthetic will always be luxury but their products will be priced at a Luxury contemporary price point to fill in the gap in the sustainable luxury market.

    Their materials are Recycled PU Leather: They gather left over PU Material from Artisan workshops in Italy. These scraps are shredded and mixed with recycled rubber and pressed into sheets. Their new Material is finished with coating and protection.

    Recycled Nylon : They gather left over Canvas from Italy, NY and Mexico

    Recycled Canvas: They gather left over Canvas from Italy, NY and Mexico

    Recycled Hardware: They gather left over hardware from Italy, NY and Mexico.

    Recycled Microfiber: They gather left over Microfiber from Italy, NY and Mexico

    Hemincuff Manufacturer 80 percent of their Collection in the U.S in Florida with their independent team of independent craftsman at their Atelier. It took 10 years to develop the team of skilled craftsmen. The other 20 percent of Hemincuff collections due to production capabilities of the items is imported from Mexico made by LATINOS.

    About the packaging Hemincuff wrap their products in recycled packaging by giving it a second life and also encouraging the end consumer to recycle the waste material again. They source their packaging in the U.S and from their overseas partners.

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    Huda Razzak’s OSCAR® qualified animated short THE OCEAN DUCK

    Huda Razzak’s THE OCEAN DUCK is a beautiful story of a young woman who visits her loving sick grandmother in hospital and together brings to life an ancient tale. This phenomenal short is based on a poem in Rumi’s Masnavi, describing a duck that is raised by chickens, despite its true home being the ocean – a symbol for the eternal. This touching yet uplifting film has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy Awards® after winning Best Animated Short at New York International Children’s Film Festival. Now this beautiful film can be seen at the prestigious Hamptons International Film Festival on October 10th 2022.

    A granddaughter visits her ailing grandma in a hospital during a flood, bringing back fond memories of the past – spilling over into fantastical visions in the present – as an ancient tale comes to life.

    Writer, producer and director Huda Razzak was born in Chicago to parents who immigrated from Iraq. In 2021, she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Animation, focusing primarily on story and production. Huda is also a two-time Screen Craft finalist, former ISF Film Grant recipient, and selected participant in a directing mentorship with Women in Animation. She currently works as a Story & Editorial Production Assistant at Netflix Animation.

    Co-Director My Anh Ngo was born and raised in Vietnam. She has a master’s degree in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design, specializing in 2D character animation. Prior to co-directing on THE OCEAN DUCK she worked on WOLFBOY and the Everything Factory animated series as an animation intern at Bento Box Entertainment studio in Atlanta.

    The incredible illustration was created by Katarzyna Doszla and the stunning music was created by Stephanie Hamelin Tomala. The screenplay was co-written with Toby Osborne and the stunning animation was led by My Anh Ngo, Denise Anger, and Ryen Goebel.

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    Melabebe Deep Hydration Lotion

    After a day at the beach my son was surprised that his skin turned brown while his butt was still white. We laughed about it during bath time and he asked me why he was turning dark like his dad.

    What a great teaching moment for us to explain to him what melanin is how it reacts to the sun. Being biracial, my husband always made it a priority to talk to Niko about difference in skin color and what it means and what it doesn’t mean. Coincidentally, his big kindergarten workbook lessons this week was about types and colors. My super smart 3 year old put two and two together and made the connection quickly. He explained to me that people with dark skin have a lot of melanin and people with light skin have little or none. He understood that melanin determines how your skin reacts to the sun and if you will burn or tan.

    I will never forget when he was just an infant, an older Asian lady asked me why I was so white and I had a brown baby.

    I am so grateful to know and learn about melanin rich skin and what their hydration needs are with Melabebe. I am also so happy to have this opportunity to teach my son to love the skin we are in 😍

    Learn more about Melabebe products below:

    When faced with a skincare dilemma, such as dry skin, eczema, hyperpigmentation, or scarring, relief needs to be effective and calming, especially if we’re talking about babies. Melabébé delivers that relief in plant-based formulas intentionally made for melanin-rich kids that’s safe enough for the entire family for the head, shoulders, knees, and toes (just like the song goes!). Addressing common issues, this inclusive skincare brand for children is long-lasting, locking in moisture for all-over deep dehydration. Understanding their specific needs and skin characteristics makes all the difference in helping provide appropriate, gentle care. Founded by Kelli, a mom of color, she formulated clean, moisture-rich skincare initially to help nurture her baby’s sensitive skin. She found it was also perfect for all skin types and shades. It turns out that what’s good for baby is just as good for mom and dad, too! The vegan brand’s all-natural ingredients nurture, heal, and protect.

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    CBD For Dogs with Zenwag

    Zenwag is:
    • formulated specifically for pets
    • manufactured in the United States
    • highest quality ingredients: 100% natural organic CBD with organic Ashwagandha and Valerian extracts
    • THC free = Non Psychoactive = NO “High”
    • Non GMO
    • Dairy and Gluten Free
    • available in a 30 ML bottle in 3 different strengths depending on your dog’s weight
    • 250 mg for 5-35 lbs. dogs: 7 mg per 1 full dropper (1 mL)
    • 750 mg for 35-75 lbs. dogs: 17 mg per 1 full dropper (1 mL)
    • 1000 mg for 75 lbs. and up dogs: 27 mg per 1 full dropper (1 mL)
    Pet owners use Zenwag to help pets with anxiety, stress, and behavioral disorders such as:
    • plane trips
    • car rides
    • vet visits
    • separation anxiety
    • being left alone
    • Storms
    • loud noises
    • fireworks
    • And more
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    Travel light with Nudies 7 pack of 100% cotton – eco friendly light weight disposable- reusable undies

    No more carrying around dirty underwear on your trips. Nudies Essentials are your perfect period underwear solution, providing comfort, confidence, convenience and a peace of mind. Nudies was created for women who are always on the go, love to travel, and still enjoys being chic during that time of the month. This brand enters a whole new category of multi-use undies that are insanely comfortable, super convenient (& Cute!). Whether you’re dealing with any va-jay-jay health issues, looking to stay dry and clean while traveling, Nudies created this product to give an eco-friendly product to feel good about wearing and tossing out.

    Not only good for your body, these designs have a gentle effect on the environment and are made with biodegradable 100% cotton fabric with recyclable packaging and low impact dyes.

    Nudies are the perfect period underwear to wear & discard. And your go-to panties for all your travel & feminine needs. They are cut low-rise with a seamless look & a full coverage back. Fits true to size, no bunching, so comfy it feels like your naked. Easy, lightweight, breathable, high quality hypoallergenic fabric, Nudies are 100% cotton. Available in 3 colors, made with low impact dyes.

    Nudies Essentials are the perfect back up underwear, packaged with 7 undies in a trendy discrete box that can be taken on-the-go. Best used for light to medium discharge or menstrual flow and for night time use, combine with sanitary wear for maximum protection. Nudies disposable undies have an upgraded design from the traditional “diaper look,” they are designed out of 100% thin weight cotton and are made to look and feel just like regular underwear.

    Nudies bikini briefs are perfect for those dealing with urinary incontinence, sanitary and personal hygiene issues, or just looking to stay dry and clean while traveling. Nudies Essentials are conveniently packaged for easy transport in your purse or overnight bag.

    Nobody likes to travel with stained undies, which is why the Nudies Essentials brand was created. Every woman has had one of those moments, and can appreciate the simple things that makes a women’s life easier. It is only other fierce and feminine women who understand this. So they created an on-the-go solution for women, that has a gentle effect on the environment and made with 100% cotton. Nudies Essentials is an eco-friendly brand with recyclable packaging, biodegradable fabric, and low impact dyes. We want to hear #WhatsYourNudiesStory because the brand is inspired by YOU.