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    Deep in Ocean Love, A Beautiful Charm Tells My Story

    I grew up in a seaside city in east coast of China, and now I am living in San Diego, a seaside city in west coast of United States. I love ocean, that is where my memories started and is also where my life continues. I love everything related with ocean, such as a cute dress with whales patterns, or a jewelry with beach elements.

    I found this cute charm from Helen Ficalora Jewelry, which captured my eyes immediately. It is beautiful, charming and perfect to represent me, a girl who comes from ocean and lives by the ocean.

    If you love long walks on the beach or just want to memorialize your favorite coastal vacation, Helen Ficalora’s 14k gold sand dollar charm may be the perfect gift for you! Available in delicate rose, yellow, or white gold, this sand doll…

    Helen Ficalora’s Pendant Jewelry collection includes a wide variety of unique charm pendants. Discover handpicked styles made to help you build the perfect pendant necklace. Whether you’re looking for sterling silver or 14K gold pendant jewelry, you’ll be able to quickly shop by metal to find the best piece to round out your current jewelry collection. Choose between beautiful styles for everyday wear or find gorgeous fine jewelry pendants for special occasions. Plus, with diamond styles available across a wide variety of pendant styles and sizes, you can quickly upgrade your favorite classic pieces in no time! Check out Helen Ficalora’s birthstone, zodiac and letter pendants for a personalized spin on fine jewelry.


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    Looking for suncare products that are safer for you and the environment?

    Get the light coverage you need while protecting your skin from the sun. Everyone is looking for that suncare product that doesn’t actually feel, smell or look like sunscreen! Now you don’t have to sacrifice to stay protected year round. Once you try MyCHELLE Sun Shield Liquid, I believe you will absolutely LOVE it. Buildable, matte and provides just the right amount of tint. Perfect for light coverage or as a primer under your foundation.

    • Sheer tinted, oil-free formula with 100% mineral broad-spectrum protection. Blends weightlessly and seamlessly giving skin a fresh, healthy glow with a smooth, matte finish.
    • DOES NOT CONTAIN: Retinyl Palmitate or chemical UV absorbers including Octinoxate, Octisalate, Oxybenzone or PABA.

    Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. To decrease this risk, regularly use a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF of 15 or higher and other sun protection measures including: (a) Limit time in the sun, especially from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (b) Wear long-sleeve shirts, pants, hats and sunglasses. (c) Children under 6 months: Ask a doctor.

    I know you might be worried about the suncare you are using this summer, make sure you are protecting everything that relies on the ocean for life by choosing reef-safe suncareMyCHELLE Sun Shield Liquid is a shade for every body and every skin tone. From Non-Tinted to Dark, they have a Sun Shield Liquid Shade that is right for you! MyCHELLE Sun Shield Liquid is a fan favorite. Not a cosmetic makeup but a light tint that blends weightlessly and seamlessly into your skin, giving skin a fresh, healthy glow with a smooth, matte finish.


    MyCHELLE Sunscreen: Gentle Enough to Protect the Planet, Powerful Enough to Protect Your Skin. Beautiful, healthy skin should never come at the expense of the environment.  MyCHELLE is doing their part to help save and restore the planet’s reefs by partnering with the Coral Restoration Foundation, the world’s largest non-profit marine-conservation organization.

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    Body? Eyes? Face? Brows? Contour? Lips? Highlight? Blush? Artis multi-tasking beauty tools can do all of this and more!

    So often we take things in our life for granted. We don’t notice the everyday things, and that means we don’t often question them either. Objects we use everyday are not given the attention they deserve, especially since some of these objects, like tools, bring empowerment to our lives. I would like you to open your eyes and minds, and take a good look at the tools you use to help create beauty. Tools that help professionals make careers, and tools that help the everyday person achieve a higher level of personal beauty. I am happy to introduce you to the evolution of what a makeup brush could be. Makeup brushes that not only enable a professional to master the medium of makeup, but also enable the everyday makeup user to achieve far better results than ever before.

    Artis, the Latin word for “skill, method, technique,” recognized that the entire category of beauty tools was based on an “artist-applies-to-the-canvas” premise—someone applying product on someone/something else. How different is the experience when the artist is the canvas? The answer is: a totally different beauty paradigm. Artis brought a disruptive perspective to the process of makeup self-application, to design and create a new category of beauty tools which enable a more intuitive, beautiful and ergonomic experience.

    The secret to that delicious finish is in Artis CosmeFibre®. It’s engineered to be used with cosmetics and skincare across all types of formulas – liquids, creams, and powders. Each fibre bundle is packed with 3-10 times more fibers than their closest makeup brush counterpart. The tip of each CosmeFibre® tapers down to 3 microns (which you can’t see with the naked eye) so you get the softest application and superior results.

    The handle is ergonomically designed to fit more comfortable in the hand of the user. Each brush is weight-balanced, which helps enhance application and performance. The updated 2021 design of the Artis Elite Collection is produced using a proprietary new premium metal alloy that has a luxurious density, increased durability, and feels even smoother to the touch.

    The fibre bundle of the brush – what most people know as the brush head – is positioned on the handle to mimic the way the pad of your finger would move across your face if you were using your own fingers to apply a product. This design makes your beauty ritual more intuitive and comfortable.
    Artís designs products that are both beautiful to handle and functionally superior to use, for a self-application experience that is graceful, meditative, and expressive, with remarkable results. The innovative makeup application tools deliver gentle control and efficient flawless application for a beauty experience that offers users both strength and softness.
    Artis is constantly innovating and designing products that create a better beauty experience. The culture of the organization itself is inspiring, curious and collaborative, the creative aspects of work, but to our mission to offer products that create a beautiful experience.
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    Invisible, effective, long lasting protection over your skin not on your skin.​​​​​​​​

    We’ve waited a long time to start traveling again, it’s time to level up! This summer, no more choosing between your favorite fragrance and the harsh odor of toxic bug spray. Bring Pang Wangle luxurious Essential Wrap, with built in odorless Insect Shield®, anywhere that you need mosquito protection.
    Pang Wangle is reinventing outdoor leisurewear by adding bug repellent technology into a timeless catalog of dreamy, recycled cotton/Tencel-blended apparel that provides protection from insects in the prettiest way possible. Travel-friendly clothing and accessories include the new Essential Wrap with Insect Shield® Bug Repellent, scarves, bandanas, blankets and leggings. Insect Shield® repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, ants and midges.
    Your outdoor time is precious. Defend it from flying, crawling and biting pests. Wrap yourself in a sanctuary of soft texture with Pang Wangle extra stylish Essential Wrap. Sustainably made of recycled cotton and high-performance TENCEL®, derived from renewable eucalyptus trees. Pair it with Pang Wangle bug repellent organic cotton leggings for a beautiful day in the wild.​​​​​​​​

    The Essential Wrap is large – 6 feet long – and drapes easily across the shoulders, around the waist as a sarong, or covering your head and neck. Dressed up or down, it’s the perfect accessory for your next tropical vacation, outdoor wedding, picnic, yoga retreat, glamping getaway – anywhere the bugs will bug you.

    Insect Shield® repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, ants and midges (no-see-ums), with only a small amount of long-lasting active ingredient.

    Sustainably made of recycled cotton and high-performance TENCEL®, derived from renewable eucalyptus trees. This dreamy fabric is moisture wicking and breathable, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

      • 72″ long x 29″ wide
      • Made in the USA
      • Odorless + Safe Insect Shield® lasts 70+ Washes
      • 55% Recycled Cotton / 45% TENCEL®

    It is the best-seller, the Essential Wrap won a QVC Big Find product search competition last summer.

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    Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate Mother’s Day with a tea gift from Storehouse Tea.

    It is never too late to bring mom a gift that she will certainly love. With over 70+ blends of tea to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect blend for that special woman in your life at Storehouse Tea. Plus today is the last day to get 10% off your entire online order with code: MOM2022.

    Sipping on a hot cup of tea is inherently calming. It can help you feel at ease, offering mind relaxation, decreased anxiety, and improved mental health without initiating drowsiness

    For a tea lover mom, organic loose leaf teas are the best choice for her. Storehouse selection of organic tea blends ranges from full-bodied organic black tea, clean organic green teas, lovely organic white teas, flavorful organic herbal and wellness teas, and a variety of caffeine and caffeine-free options. Whether your mom is a moderate tea drinker or tea is her passion, you can find the perfect loose leaf tea here with Storehouse Tea.

    Elderberry Blend Botanical

    This succulent blend of caffeine-free organic elderberry loose leaf tea. Storehouse elderberry tea includes free herbs and fruits that impart a refreshing, tart, deep berry flavor with a subtle sweetness that creates a satisfying, deep, and dark red infusion. This elderberry tea is excellent iced!

    Loose Leaf Elderberry Tea Ingredients: Organic elderberries, organic hibiscus, organic currants, organic rosehips, and natural flavors.

    Storehouse elderberry loose leaf tea contains powerful antioxidants which may help expel toxins, relieve a sore throat, and shorten the flue cycle. Check out a special recipe of Elderberry Tea Cocktail!

    Gingerly Peach Organic White Tea

    Delicate, honey-like white tea blended with mouth-watering peach and ginger rejuvenates both body and mind. This is one of Storehouse Tea’s most popular white tea offerings. This tea is excellent as a relaxing hot beverage or served as a refreshing iced tea. White tea contains the highest antioxidant level of all teas.

    Loose Leaf Gingerly Peach Organic White Tea Ingredients: Organic white tea leaves, organic ginger, organic lemon peel, organic jasmine blossoms, organic calendula, and natural peach flavor.

    English Breakfast Organic, Fair Trade Black Tea

    Storehouse traditional English Breakfast is anything but standard fare. It’s a bold single estate Assam tea from India, rich and full bodied, great for early mornings but delicious all day long and great as a hot beverage or as a cold refreshing iced tea. Studies show black tea may help with lowering cholesterol.

    Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified Assam black tea leaves from India.

    Matcha Organic Ceremonial Green Tea

    Storehouse Ceremonial Grade Organic Green Matcha Tea is a type of stone ground powdered green tea, with a smooth and naturally savory taste. Storehouse Matcha is shade grown, high in chlorophyll, antioxidants, rich in vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. Great served hot or cold or in a smoothie.

    Ingredients: 100% Organic stone ground Ceremonial Matcha Green tea. Zhejiang Province, China.

    Apple Hibiscus Botanical Blend

    This comfort tea of apples, tangy hibiscus and sweet cinnamon is aromatic, soothing and uplifting a perfect antidote to the cooler seasons. This tea will warm your body and delight your palate.

    Ingredients: Organic cinnamon, organic hibiscus, organic apples, organic chamomile, organic licorice root, and natural flavor.

    For a busy mom, probably tea sachets are great choices to gran and go. No matter how busy she is, she can always take her favorite tea with her. Storehouse selection of organic tea sachets comes in a wide range of full-bodied blends including black teas, green teas, white teas, herbal and wellness teas, rooibos teas, and they come in a variety of caffeine and caffeine-free options. If you can’t decide on what to buy, try ther tea sachet sampler pack! It’s filled with 12 delicious tea sachets.

    Tea Sachet Sampler Pack

    Tea sachets including all of our different straight and blends (13) presented in a gift bag!

    • Breakfast Black
    • Blueberry Hibiscus White Tea
    • Bright Mint Green Tea
    • Sencha Green Tea
    • Lemon Tulsi Botanical Blend
    • Citron Jasmine Green/Rooibos Tea
    • Raspberry Rooibos Tea
    • Chamomile Blend Botanical Blend
    • Masala Chai Black Tea
    • Pomegranate Green Tea
    • Earl Grey Black Tea
    • Ginger Lime Rooibos
    • Apricot Oolong

    Contained in every tea leaf and ingredient in the tea is an abundant Storehouse of powerful health benefits and enjoyment. Storehouse Tea’s mission is to make the best loose leaf tea products and tea sachets available with certified Organic and Fair-Trade teas and ingredients sourced from an ethical supply chain. Their purpose is to employ refugees and recent immigrants. They don’t hire people to make the teas, they make delicious teas to hire people. At Storehouse Ohio tea company, they believe tea is the vehicle to heal, connect and transform communities.

    Storehouse artisan tea collections are hand-blended in Cleveland, Ohio. They create all of their unique small-batch blends meticulously by hand- without the use of machinery. Storehouse Tea believes this is an important aspect of their small business because it allows us to make sure every bag is checked, packed, and weighed with care. Storehouse is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner that protects the environment, values the well-being of employees, society, and future generations. You can know more about them at https://storehousetea.com/.

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    Want to give your upcoming summer skincare ritual a boost? Try Phantom Silks skincare collection

    Is your skin craving a little extra TLC? Try Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid. Apply it before your favorite moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration.

    Have you fallen in love with Artis new Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid yet? You prime your skin for makeup – why not for skincare? Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid does just that, by priming your skin for moisturization. This facial treatment uses breakthrough nanofibre technology to deliver pure hyaluronic acid to the skin without preservatives.

    Hyaluronic acid works best to deliver hydration when used first, and sealed in after with your favorite moisturizer. Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid is a two-piece nanofibre face mask that dissolves when wet, applying a high concentration of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to the skin as the first step in your skincare ritual.

    How to use new Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid? ⁣⁣

    1️⃣ Wet face with a misting bottle or water from the sink⁣⁣
    2️⃣ With dry hands, remove paper lining from mask⁣⁣
    3️⃣ Apply mask to face, with mesh facing out⁣⁣
    4️⃣ Wet face again⁣⁣
    5️⃣ Remove mesh overlay and discard – the mask itself has dissolved onto your skin!⁣⁣
    6️⃣ While face is damp, massage skin with your fingers, a face roller or a gua sha ⁣⁣
    7️⃣ Apply your favorite moisturizer and blend with your Artis brush⁣⁣

    Artis is constantly innovating and designing products that create a better beauty experience. The culture of the organization itself is inspiring, curious and collaborative, the creative aspects of work, but to our mission to offer products that create a beautiful experience.