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    You Love Sriracha, You Love Gochujang, You Can’t Miss Bushwick Kitchen’s Gochujang Sriracha

    Sriracha has been growing in popularity as the go-to spicy condiment for quite some time now, and with good reason. It adds a delicious dose of heat to everything from pizza to deviled eggs to Bloody Marys. This versatile sauce is also great for cooking and can help you breathe some fire into even the most exhausted of your tired old recipes. If Sriracha is everywhere nowadays, you should notice another Asian spicy sauce is getting more and more popular. It is gochujang, which origins from Korea and is used in a lot of Korean foods.

    No matter sriracha or gochujang, on its own or combined with a few other simple ingredients, they make an excellent marinade. Ditch the barbecue sauce – let some ribs, chicken wings or shrimp soak up its heat and throw them on the grill for a new take on some old favorites. Add it to strips of steak to take your fajita game to the next level. If you don’t eat meat, you can use sriracha or gochujang as a marinade for baked or grilled tofu. Don’t have the time or patience to marinate? Mix some them into shredded chicken for savory sandwiches or add it to ground beef for fiery sloppy joes.

    The sweet/heat you’ve come to expect from these two spicy sauce. When classic sriracha meets the fermented complexity of gochujang chili paste. It’ll give you weak knees. Bushwick kitchen brings sriracha and gochujang together, here comes one of my favorite spicy sauce – Gochujang Sriracha.

    (I use it as a marinade a lot, it definitely gives meat a hint of delicious spicy and sweet taste.)

    Gochujang Sriracha is great on eggs and avocado toast, but there are so many other ways you can put it to use at breakfast and brunch. Add it to waffle batter for a sweet-and-savory treat. Mix it into cream cheese to up your bagel game. Add a little into Hollandaise sauce for killer eggs benedict. Turn your Bloody Mary into an extra-spicy standout at brunch. Like your shakshouka extra spicy? Gochujang Sriracha! A little heat can wake up your senses even better than a cup of coffee (well . . . maybe).

    The Super Spicy Bloody Season is coming. Stir your favorite amount of Bushwick Kitchen Gochujang Sriracha into your Bloody this weekend and don’t scrimp on the garnishes. The Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha gets cranked up for the heat seekers. Here comes the super spicy Gochujang Sriracha, which sriracha plays nice at first, but as the gochujang flavors develop so does the heat from the addition of habañero peppers. Enjoy! Please play with Bushwick Kitchen Gochujang Sriracha sauce and let me know if you create some new and fun recipes.

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    Make The Graduation Day Memorable with A Perfect Gift Box from gourmetgiftbaskets.com

    Graduation is a big deal. All those nights of cramming for major exams, making it through those awful gen eds, and waking up for boring 9 AM classes with dull professors is hard work. Sure, it was fun too, but don’t underestimate how taxing college life can be. Graduating should be rewarded with a gift that shows how excited you are about their accomplishments. That’s why gourmetgiftbaskets.com created the collection of special graduation gift baskets which are complete with everything you need to say congratulations on the big day.

    Fruit for My Grad

    As graduation approaches, it’s time to start thinking of a gift for the graduate-to-be! They’ve worked hard to receive their diploma and this fruit gift basket is the perfect way to say “congratulations!” The beautiful gift is filled with the perfect mix of snacks that are healthy, sweet, and savory. Order your favorite graduate this special fruit gift today!


    • Sea Salt Caramel Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen – 12.25 oz.
    • Stoned Wheat Crackers by Eleanor + Flynn – 4 oz.
    • Chocolate Covered Cherries by Marich – 2.3 oz.
    • Classic Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese by Cabot – 8 oz.
    • Butter Peanut Crunch by Hammond’s – 3 oz.
    • Belgian Chocolates by Annalie’s Chocolates – 1.76 oz.
    • Red Apples – 4 qty.
    • Oranges – 2 qty.
    • Pears – 2 qty.
    • Water Hyacinth – Medium Tray

    Graduation Champagne Gift

    Commend their achievement with this stunning arrangement! You can choose one of four exceptional sparkling wines, which are expertly paired with an unparalleled assortment of decadent gourmet treats. Boasting irresistibly smooth truffles, delicate cookies, and Belgian chocolates, this gorgeous basket makes an already memorable day completely unforgettable.

    *Champagne flutes are not included.
    *5107B ships with Vanilla Wafer Rolls instead of Key Lime Cookies.


    Choose One of the Following Sparkling Wines:

    • La Marca Prosecco – 750 ml
    • Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label – 750 ml
    • Dom Perignon – 750 ml
    • Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne – 750 ml


    • Key Lime Coolers by Dulion – 4 oz.
    • White Chocolate Truffle Bar by Lindt – 3.5 oz.
    • Assorted Truffles by Lindt – 5.1 oz.
    • French Chocolate Truffles by Truffle Basket – 3.5 oz.
    • Chocolate Caramel Grahams by Annalie’s Chocolates – 2.6 oz.
    • Belgian Chocolates by Annalie’s Chocolates – 1.76 oz.

    Around The World Beer Bucket – 12 Beers

    The great beers should know no borders. That’s why gourmetgiftbaskets.com has sought out delicious brews from around the globe and united them in this Around The World Beer Bucket! Perfect for anyone who enjoys a cold one, gourmetgiftbaskets.com brought together beers from many different countries and artfully arranged them inside of the galvanized steel bucket. And since nothing goes with a tasty brew like good snacks, gourmetgiftbaskets.com carefully chose some of their most beloved gourmet foods to include, handcrafted popcorn, tasty nuts, beef jerky, beef garlic sausage, and more, creating a special gift that’s impossible to not enjoy!

    *Beer glasses not included.


    • Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Lager by Moretti – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Sam Adams – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Hefeweissbier by Weihenstephaner – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Porter by Founders Brewing Company – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Pale Lager by Moosehead Brewery – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Pale Lager by Red Stripe – 11.2 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Pilsener by Bavik – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Pale Lager by Dos Equis XX – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Pale Lager by Stella Artois – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Pale Lager by Kirin Brewing Company – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Brown Ale by Shed Mountain – 12 oz. – BOTTLE
    • Garlic Sausage by Hanover Smokehouse – 5 oz.
    • Garlic Cheese by Mountain View Farms – 6 oz.
    • Premium Duet of Roasted Almonds & Cashews by Second Nature – 2 oz.
    • Roasted Pistachios by Second Nature – 1.5 oz.
    • Original Water Crackers by Capeachio’s – 4.4 oz.
    • Everything Seasoned Beef Jerky by Field Trip Snacks – 1 oz.
    • Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn by GourmetGiftBaskets.com – 1.3 oz.
    • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettlecorn by GourmetGiftBaskets.com – 1.3 oz.
    • 16 Quart Metal Bucket

    Post-College Survival Kit

    Life after college can be hard to get used to. That’s why gourmetgiftbaskets.com put together this Post-College Survival Kit, which is equipped with all of a recent grad’s favorite eats! Inside one of their signature boxes, they’ll find an assortment of delectable snacks, including premium gourmet cookies and irresistibly sweet candies, helping make life on their own a little easier.

    * Products are loosely placed in the box


    • Pepperoni Pizza Pretzels by Combos – 1.80 oz.
    • Milk Chocolate M&Ms Theater Box by Mars Wrigley Confectionary – 3.1 oz.
    • Skittles Original Theater Box by Wrigley – 3.5 oz.
    • Swedish Fish Theater Box by Mondelez Global LLC. – 3.1 oz.
    • Oreo’s by Nabisco – Snack Pack
    • Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn by GourmetGiftBaskets.com – 1.3 oz.
    • Blasted with M&Ms – Rice Krispies Treats Bar by Kelloggs – 2.1 oz.
    • Peanut M&Ms by Mars – 1.69 oz.
    • Goldbears by Haribo – 5 oz.
    • Original Pretzels Crisps by Snack Factory – 1.5 oz.
    • Roasted & Salted Almonds by Blue Diamond – 1.5 oz.
    • Oats & Honey Granola bar by Nature Valley
    GourmetGiftBaskets.com was founded in 2002 with family values and the desire to provide exceptional gifts for all of life’s special occasions. Through years of working in his family’s flower shop in New Hampshire, President & CEO Ryan Abood naturally realized an opportunity to provide handmade, high quality gift baskets. What began with two family members in the basement of a flower shop has exploded into a multi-million dollar company recognized multiple times by Inc.500, Internet Retailer, Enterprise Bank, and more, while still remaining true to its core values of exceptional gourmet ingredients handcrafted with care. As this entrepreneurial family spirit continues in the next generation with the birth of the youngest A bood last spring, this proud family business will continue to exceed gourmet gifting expectations.
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    Celebrate National Shrimp Day at Rubio’s with $6.99 Shrimp Entrées

    Celebrate National Shrimp Day at Rubio’s on two days this year, Monday, May 9 and Tuesday, May 10, when all Rubio’s shrimp entrées are just $6.99 with the purchase of any drink. Simply enter the coupon code TASTY with your order through the Rubio’s app, or online at Rubios.com. Or, scan the coupon https://www.rubios.com/coupons/national-shrimp-day when ordering at any Rubio’s.

    Rubio’s guests can visit locations across California, Arizona and Nevada and enjoy any shrimp entrée on the menu, including seasonal favorites, the Chipotle Honey Argentinian Shrimp bowl, burrito or two taco plate. Available for a limited time, the wild-caught, grilled Red Argentinian Shrimp features a sweet-spicy kick of honey and chipotle peppers. With its large size, bright color and exceptional flavor, wild Red Argentinian Shrimp is a Rubio’s fan favorite. Guests can also choose other popular shrimp entrees including the Salsa Verde Shrimp two taco plate, the Shrimp and Bacon burrito, or the Mexican Street Corn bowl with grilled shrimp.

    Guests are encouraged to order ahead through the Rubio’s app or Rubios.com. For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu, visit Rubio’sFacebook and Instagram.

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    Procastinators Rejoice! You Have Your Choice Of Delicious Items To Delight Moms Everywhere.

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but procrastinators have a great place to go to get that last-minute gift for Mom or Grandma or anyone else who has ever played the “Mom” role in their life. That place is GourmetGiftBaskets.com, which has a beautiful collection of Mother’s Day gifts to suit any Mom anywhere.

    Moms are busy multitaskers who take care of everyone, so it’s no surprise when they forget they need to take care of themselves, too. That’s why GourmetGiftBaskets.com created this Healthy Hydration For Mom Gift Basket.

    New For ’22 — Healthy Hydration For Mom Gift Basket, $79.99, SKU 4029M

    Everything’s included in this care package to make it easy for Moms to enjoy a few drinks and snacks post-workout, errand running, or even when they just need to kick back and relax. Keeping hydrated is easy with this gift, because it includes two fruit-flavored San Pellegrino sparkling drinks and a Strawberry Lemonade Mixer (just add rum, vodka, or gin to make a cocktail or soda water if Mom just wants to hydrate).

    Four fresh citrus fruits, two nut butter energy bars, and Keto mix (pumpkin & sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds & walnuts) were added to top off this very unique, healthy, and satisfying gift.

    Mother’s Day Macarons, $39.99, SKU 8507

    What Mom wouldn’t be excited to receive these delicate French cookies? So pleasing to the eyes and palate, each of the five macaron flavors is equally exquisite.

    Flavors include two each of vanilla, lemon, salted caramel, pistachio, and raspberry. What a beautiful way to wish mom bonne fête des mères, (Happy Mother’s Day!)

    Love for Mom Cookie & Brownie Gift Box, $34.99, SKU 1378

     Mom deserves the very best which is why GourmetGiftBaskets.com put together a dozen of the finest freshly baked goods inside a gorgeous heart-themed keepsake box. Moms everywhere will love all the decadent flavors like chocolate chunk, butterscotch blondie, and lemon sugar cookie, and gift givers will love giving their Moms a gift that’s (almost) as sweet as she is. This delectable offering includes:

    • Chocolate Chunk Brownie
    • Butterscotch Blondie
    • Peanut Butter Brownie
    • Chocolate Chip Blondie
    • Lemon Sugar Cookies – 2 pack
    • Fudge Brownie Cookies – 2 pack
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies – 2 pack
    • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – 2 pack.

    Celebrate mom and the motherly figures in your life with gourmet Mother’s Day gift baskets! Delivered right to their door and filled with fresh, premium products ready to be enjoyed, these Mother’s Day baskets come in a wide range of treats and goodies for every taste. It’s time to give back to Mom. Shop GourmetGiftBaskets.com collection of Mother’s Day Gift Baskets.

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    Sweeten up Mother’s Day and show Mom how much you love her with MarieBelle Mother’s Day collection

    Give mom a gift that she will remember forever. Check out MarieBelle this year’s special mother’s day themed ganache, which was beautifully designed in a classic blue box. This Mother’s Day, MarieBelle Chocolates offers a sumptuous shopping experience for the eyes and appetite at their flagship retail location at 484 Broome Street, with lavish window displays that aim to warm the heart. 

    Celebrate Mother’s Day with MarieBelle Chocolates’ signature artisanal ganache collections like the 16-piece of Mother’s Day-themed chocolate ganache in a classic blue box with a decorative Mother’s Day sleeve.  Each ganache is decorated with a unique Mother’s Day design that tells a beautiful love story. Also available is the Mother’s Day Brownie Box.

    MarieBelle 16pc Mother’s Day Chocolate Ganache (photo credit MarieBelle Chocolates)

     Another great gift for this special spring holiday is the 25-piece Spring Heart Box. The box opens to reveal 25 handmade chocolate ganaches, each artfully highlighted with love-inspired designs that tell a story, elegantly presented in a fanciful heart-shaped box with beautifully scalloped trim in a golden sheen. For a picture-perfect presentation, a pastel ribbon is added. For little bit of everything, the Marie Spring Gift Set includes 7pc Heart Chocolate Ganache, 2oz Chinese Flower Tea, and a Tea Strainer.

    Try MarieBelle’s new 80g Cacao Market Rose Petals and Hibiscus Bar. The 80g bar collection includes four distinct chocolate bars decorated with ornate patterns and flavored with the most fresh and distinct combination of ingredients.

    Relish in the sweetest gift for any occasion, available in-store or delivered same day anywhere in the Manhattan area.

    For more information and to view the Mother’s Day 2022 Collection, visit: mariebelle.com/collections/mothers-day-collection

    MarieBelle New York (Soho), 484 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

    MarieBelle at the Kitano Hotel (Midtown), 66 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016 

    For more information about MarieBelle Chocolates, visit www.mariebelle.com.

    Facebook: MarieBelleNewYork | Twitter: @MarieBelleNY | Instagram: @MarieBelleNY

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    Mother-daughter owned business elevates Easter, Mother’s Day, and beyond with premium chocolates, cookies, nuts, and more

    There are all kinds of reasons why people send delectable sweets and treats to their loved ones in the springtime. Mother’s Day has been associated with gifts of appreciation on the second Sunday of every May for over 100 years. The practice of exchanging Easter baskets dates back to medieval times, and the first chocolate Easter eggs made the scene in the 1800s. These lovely traditions have endured – for obvious reasons ­– to this day.

    Whether you want to say “Thanks,” “I love you,” or “I’m thinking of you,” nothing quite hits the spot like a fresh selection of irresistible gourmet goodies. And nobody understands the art of gifting like Bonnie & Pop. Their elegant spring holiday gift boxes and baskets are filled with the highest quality chocolates, cookies, nuts, candies, chocolate-dipped pretzels, dried fruits, and other mouth-watering favorites.

    But the mother-daughter team behind Bonnie & Pop knows that customer satisfaction is not just about what’s inside the basket. Every order is a commitment to making both the recipient and the giver feel special. These gifts are creatively packaged for any occasion, easy to order online, and delivered contact-free. Plus, they’re available at a variety of price points to fit any budget.

    Why does Bonnie & Pop put so much TLC into their creations? “The company is named for our two beloved and exceptional grandparents- My father’s mother (Bonnie) and my mother’s father (Jake (Pop)),” says company owner Mookie D.

    “We were raised by their example and emphasis on making someone else’s life better whenever you’re in the position to do it. “Bonnie and Pop devoted their lives to making people happy. They’re the inspiration behind everything we do.”

    A gift from Bonnie & Pop makes any occasion a special one. The spring holidays are no exception. Easter choices include the delightful Seven Treat Assortment, the Easter Rows box filled with row after row of gourmet chocolates, the lavish Deluxe Chocolate Gift Set, and the too-good-to-be-true Chocolate Truffle Gift.

    There are also plenty of ways to say happy Mother’s Day. What mom could say no to the eye-popping Pink Chocolate Gift Set, an avalanche of Drenched Pretzels, or the decadent Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box?

    For those who prefer healthier choices, options like the gluten-free Dried Fruit Apple Basket, the Nut Crate, and the Deluxe Crate are perennial favorites. All gift boxes and baskets are kosher.

    In addition, Bonnie & Pop will help you out with customized corporate gifts. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram and be among the first to know about promotions and discounts.

    Why does Bonnie & Pop put so much TLC into their creations? “The company is named for our two beloved and exceptional grandparents- My father’s mother (Bonnie) and my mother’s father (Jake, aka Pop)),” says company owner Mookie D.

    “We were raised by their example and emphasis on making someone else’s life better whenever you’re in the position to do it. Bonnie and Pop devoted their lives to making people happy, and they are the inspiration behind everything we do.”